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  • Show how flies may cause fever.
  • It may cause rank growth.
  • This pressure may cause paralysis.
  • Possibly my decision may cause you pain.
  • It may cause her affections to become alienated.
  • It may cause you great surprise and pain.
  • Otherwise, you may cause further injury.
  • A single drop may cause death.
  • Neglecting a sick ear may cause deafness.
  • Moments of sin may cause years of sorrow.
  • What may cause this breakage, or leakage?
  • It may cause much evil and ought always to be remedied.
  • If not recognised, or untreated, it may cause death.
  • Diseases, malformation, etc., may cause impotence.
  • Unless precautions are used it may cause an explosion and fire.
  • It was an instance of the disappointment imagination may cause in politics.
  • Should they fail in this duty he may cause them to become lost or injured.
  • Any loose material about the instrument may cause trouble of this kind.
  • It may cause them to tire a little more easily when doing very hard work.
  • Any day a chance shower may cause this one or that to blossom.
  • What do you care for the distress, the torture you may cause others?
  • They may cause disease or deafness and may even injure the mind.
  • Three days' miscalculation may cause a heavy loss.
  • The principles operating in these cases may cause severe injury to trees.
  • A cold or other sickness may cause this tube to fill up and make you deaf.
  • That it may cause his stock to be drawn hastily out, and perhaps violently too.
  • You may cause this suspension of arms to be printed at Nancy.
  • Nervousness, anxiety, or unusual mental exertion may cause a vocal breakdown.
  • In many areas, unusually heavy rains may cause quick or "flash" floods.
  • Who does not know that the act of a moment may cause a life's regret?

How To Use May Cause In A Sentence?

  • Again, the geographical direction of search may cause the forces to miss contact.
  • This scheme is full of intricacy, and may cause him everywhere to lose the hearts of his people.
  • It can still be breathed, but it makes children feel drowsy and lazy and may cause headache.
  • I lose three months, which in the present state of affairs may cause irreparable hindrance.
  • Dr. Bouton states that they may cause convulsions and other similar nervous disorders.
  • And in that state I shall be very glad when our respective stars may cause our paths to meet.
  • Strong mental emotions, such as fright, shame, or anger, may cause a fit in a child.
  • Mr. Drew and his like, with whatever unrest and emotion they may cause her, nourish her art.
  • Either of these courses may cause some of the doubting States to join South Carolina.
  • The chlorine is sometimes not completely absorbed in this period and may cause complaints as to tastes and odours.
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