May Say In A Sentence

How To Use May Say In A Sentence?

  • I know that some may say, this is difficult to do.
  • You may say that life seems to grow worse.
  • The law may say otherwise; but what of the law?
  • I do not believe you are well, whatever you may say.
  • I got to be a sort of nurse for her, you may say.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For May Say | May Say Sentence

  • And we may say this too.
  • You may say so from me.
  • They may say what they like.
  • You may say it to me if you like.
  • You may say that it is not your fault.
  • But some one may say.
  • You may say that it was your own idea?
  • He may say something about you to the nurse.
  • You may say in accents trilly.
  • A friend may say anything.
  • Some one may say that is impossible.
  • Indeed we may say it is an incalculable loss.
  • You may say there were at least three.
  • Wherever he goes he may say this is my country.
  • You may say she had a sort of fascination for me.
  • I may say her only amusement in life.
  • We may say that he ought to have thought of this.
  • They played to me, you may say.
  • I may say at once that my first experience was my best.
  • You may say anything without offence.
  • You may say it was only a fad or fancy of mine.
  • You may say that this was partly the result of genius.
  • Well then, you may say you have been a carpenter.
  • Whatever the gods may say we must be true to ourselves.
  • I do not feel indignation at anything they may say.
  • Oh, you may say what you like.
  • I may say that the deceased was very well known to me.
  • Some may say that they cannot save nearly so much.
  • In my bosom, she may say.
  • I may say that it took the milk drop by drop.
  • This is not taking them seriously, you may say.
  • I may say, shamefully disfigured it!
  • I may say, at the very tip of my tale.
  • You may say that in the end life cheated and betrayed her.
  • I am the angel of civilization, you may say.
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