Mayflower in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mayflower

1. Behold our Mayflower here! 🔊

2. What was the object of the Mayflower Compact? 🔊

3. It is a far cry from the Mayflower to the Lucania. 🔊

4. Provincetown Harbor, the Mayflower in, 177. 🔊

How to use Mayflower in Sentences?

1. The Mayflower began to bring over vast quantities of antique furniture, mostly hall-clocks for future sales. 🔊

2. We are beginning to realize that quite a lot of things happened between Adam and the Mayflower that we ought to be told about. 🔊

3. The Mayflower boxed the compass, rounding the tip of the Cape and feeling her way in the circular harbor there. 🔊

4. Now, gentlemen, as you sit to-night in this elegant hall, think of the houses in which the Mayflower men and women lived in that first winter! 🔊

5. The Mayflower of his stormy bay, Our Freedom's struggling cause. 🔊

6. They are the sons and daughters of the immigrant, tho outwardly indistinguishable from the Mayflower product which, too, are the descendants of immigrants. 🔊

7. A patent was obtained, the Mayflower chartered, the congregation put aboard, and the voyage begun on the fifth day of September, 1620. 🔊