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  • McCormick began to make his famous reaper in a gristmill.
  • McCormick, Vance, 411, 427.
  • I consider it far superior to the McCormick Reaper.
  • McCormick, C.H., invents horse reaper.
  • With 30 illustrations by A. D. McCormick.
  • The Secretary, Alexander A. McCormick, presided.
  • SEE McCormick, Alma Heflin.
  • Little River near McCormick; Little River, 3 mi.
  • How did the McCormick reaper solve the difficulty in wheat growing?
  • James Patton McCormick (A); 10Sep68; R443403.
  • Scarcely had Stapylton gained the road when he was joined by McCormick.
  • All difficulty was removed by Mr. McCormick throwing down the gauntlet.
  • We will now examine another invention patented by C. H. McCormick, in 1847.
  • With Three Illustrations by A. MCCORMICK.
  • In the case of Seymour and Morgan vs. McCormick-Howards Reports Vol.
  • Mr. Thomas was succeeded by Rev. Hugh McCormick, now in Porto Rico.
  • Mr. Hussey's machine did no work, and Mr. McCormick took the medal.
  • But we have still better evidence than the above--C. H. McCormick himself.
  • McCormick
  • McCormick Had to Pay for Hussey Improvements]

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  • Ambassador McCormick secured our immediate release, and we returned to the States.
  • Cyrus H. McCormick solved this problem for the wheat growers by inventing a horse reaper.
  • C. H. McCormick came to see this combination sometime during the year, and condemned it in toto.
  • It was decided that Mr. Vance McCormick and I should be a committee to confer with the President.
  • Major McCormick did not wait for a less merciful moment, but hobbled away from the spot with all the speed he could muster.
  • Lieutenant McCormick placed them all under arrest, and later turned them over to the commander of the French cruiser Suchet for punishment.
  • C. H. McCormick first received a patent fee of $30 on each machine, then three-fourths of the remainder in the division of profits.
  • Our object is not to injure C. H. McCormick; but it is that justice may be done to another, whose interests and rights he was the first to assail.
  • Something in the appearance of the men excited the suspicions of the commander of the Potomac, Lieutenant McCormick, and he ordered them to come on board.
  • Baruch and McCormick brought the wealth of experience which resulted from their administration of the War Industries and War Trade Boards.
  • Now we would say to C. H. McCormick, this is very good tally, John, but where's the Corn?
  • Mr. Hussey, no doubt, took the charitable view and supposed Mr. McCormick to have meant that his proofs would have been sufficient to support him in his own rights.
  • In his amended testimony, admitted that C. H. McCormick wrote the paper describing the machine for him to testify to; recollects little else about the machine than the straight sickle edge.
  • The Mission Board assisted the church liberally in a financial way up to the time Rev. Mr. McCormick assumed charge, since which time the congregation has been self-supporting.
  • She told him how she had taken the flowers to Mrs. McCormick, and how South Kensington impressed her as the preserve of officers' widows.
  • The reparations, financial, and labor commissions were made up of business men and financiers, the American representatives including such figures as Lamont, Norman Davis, Baruch, and McCormick.
  • William S. McCormick and Leander J. McCormick, brothers of C. H. McCormick, also testified to the making of a machine in 1831.
  • Our library was able to obtain a copy on interlibrary loan from the helpful curator, Don McCormick.
  • They both came agreeable to appointment, Mr. McCormick bringing the machine he used at Hutchinson's, and you bringing the one you could not on that occasion bring down the river.
  • They both came agreeable to appointment, Mr. McCormick bringing the machine he used at Hutchinson's, and you bringing the one you could not on that occasion bring down the river.
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