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  • American diplomats, meager salaries of, 102.
  • In this way these highlanders eke out their meager supply of meat.
  • It would not provide even the most meager of board and the smallest room.
  • However, this rather meager inventory of drugs probably was not inadequate.
  • My whole gear, now reduced to most meager proportions, was scrutinized by all.

How To Use Meager In A Sentence?

  • Even the meager warmth of their telegram was like an outstretched hand through the dark.
  • Like a treadmill, his mind went over and over the meager knowledge he had of the tragedy.
  • He loved her still, but his earthly treasurers were as meager as when she had wedded another.
  • She wears black because light evening gowns soil too rapidly for a meager purse to renew.
  • He could manage to carry its weight upon his head, but at this he had meager skill.
  • It was, therefore, no easy matter to manage the household with the meager salary.
  • Now all his life was visible, and the straight, meager path had its ending soon enough.
  • Old Lewson, the man who sat under the apple tree, gave his meager property to his children.
  • It was a meager meal, but it was better than nothing, and The Imp disposed of all there was of it.
  • As results had been meager along here, the sides of the trench were turned to the northward and northwestward.
  • So large a portion of the vessel had been appropriated to the cargo that the space reserved for the cabin was of most meager dimensions.
  • It was easy to defraud him of his meager wages, since he had no lien upon the products of his labor.
  • The survival of such meager evidence for what was probably a common practice indicates the difficulties confronting the historian of medicine.
  • She had fought valiantly against his weakness, but her meager strength had been pitted against the accumulated intemperance of generations.
  • For the lack of better employment, he began the construction of his bridge when their meager luncheon had been finished.
  • It is probable that throughout the wanderings of the family, the children were given such meager schooling as was possible.
  • By the time these various transfers were complete, he had left but little of their meager possessions in or about the former camp.
  • With the knowledge of science so small at the time, collegiate instruction in such subjects was naturally meager in the extreme.
  • My meager tiffin at an insignificant mountain village was, as usual, an educational lesson to the natives.
  • Does one say, this is asking too much of the burdened country pastor with his meager salary and widespread parish?
  • It is easy, then, to understand how out of the most meager present income some provision for possible disasters will be attempted.
  • Or follow the fashion and be like others, and the meager income is dissipated before your eyes, with meager results.
  • Historical writing has fittingly been called the aristocracy of literature; it requires long and patient investigation and yields meager returns.
  • I am exceedingly sorry to find that this has been not only of no advantage, but rather, because of the meager results obtained, a disadvantage.
  • But while the workers made these products their sole share was meager wages, barely sufficient to sustain the ordinary demands of life.
  • Two liveried servants moved to and fro as if shod with felt; but for so aristocratic a household the meal seemed to me rather meager and niggardly.
  • Our ammunition had already given out, and we had to face the last few hundred yards without protection, meager though it had been throughout.
  • He was a man of decidedly literary tastes and, like many persons of that character, possessed but meager knowledge of business.
  • I am afraid it does not do him justice, for I have often felt how meager words are to convey an idea of what he really was.
  • He bowed profoundly, and then, as the water dripped from his black and meager form, he said something rather extraordinary.
  • The mention of the meager sum of hidden money made Madeleine think of her own dextrously concealed little fortune.
  • His few booklets were then gathered together, his meager wardrobe was made up, and a small Native basket carried all his belongings.
  • She bade him good-night when their meager repast was finished, with the bravest cheer that Grenville had taken to heart for many a weary day.
  • Life elements are present in all cases in connection with the handles and legs where these are preserved, but they are very meager and so abbreviated as to be identified with difficulty.
  • In Prohibition States the people lack even the latter, unless they can invest their meager earnings in quantities of adulterated liquor.

Definition of Meager

Having little flesh; lean; thin. | Poor, deficient or inferior in amount, quality or extent | (set theory) Of a set: such that, considered as a subset of a (usually larger) topological space, it is in a precise sense small or negligible.
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