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How To Use Mean In A Sentence?

  • You mean to say that you charge thirteen dollars for these damned inhuman hospitalities of yours?
  • But at present we do not mean to touch this argument; we shall reserve it for another work.
  • A tiny dot may mean the whole city with hundreds of homes, factories and other buildings.
  • What mean these wrinkles on thy noble brow, which I have never seen there before?
  • However, I do not mean to moralize; but one cannot always sink the philosopher.
  • She took her pure, sensitive, mean little soul away to Fremantle or somewhere in that direction.
  • It may save you some trouble and expense, if I say right here and now, that I mean to have it!
  • Leibnitz does not mean that evil proceeds from abstract ideas, before they are embodied in the creation of real moral agents.
  • This was clearly the only entrance, and he did not mean to be taken unawares by whatever danger there might have been lurking outside.
  • Now this language means something according to the system of nature; but what does it mean according to the system of necessity?
  • For he did not want the quest to be given up, since it would mean her going away with her two attendant grey-heads to the other side of the world.
  • This was dubious, and might mean being stuck there or in a similar place indefinitely, or might mean being eventually sent forward.
  • Does he mean that God endeavours to communicate holiness, and fails in consequence of the necessary imperfection of the creature?
  • I missed him again as I heard a fluttering and squawking that might mean mischief, near the poultry yard.
  • He spoke sharply: "What do you mean by following me up like this, and skulking in the brambles?
  • We mean to affirm, that the innocent do sometimes suffer under the administration of God; and that all suffering is not a punishment for sin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mean | Mean Sentence

  • I mean for all of us.
  • Well, and what mean you?
  • I mean the patent medicine.
  • What did the man mean by his confounded platitudes?
  • He looked mean and probably felt the same way.
  • No grass would mean no food for cows and sheep.
  • I have told you what I mean to do.
  • But I did not mean to vex him.
  • What I mean is his nature.
  • I only mean I am tired of singing.
  • Not but what I mean to go anyhow, for that matter.
  • I'm sure I don't mean to.
  • But you mean Mr. Sandford.
  • But I mean exactly what I say.
  • But what mean you? CHAR.
  • I don't mean he respected him.
  • I mean that the story isn't worth it.
  • Say, you don't mean my aunt?
  • I mean as to body and limbs; with the face there was a difference.
  • In the mean time day declined, and no messenger returned from Tusculum.
  • Twice already have I vainly pursued the fellow; this time I mean to catch him.
  • I don't mean good in the sense of smart or skilful in his trade.
  • A ruler's every act and word may mean the ruin or the salvation of thousands.
  • I mean I have not told all that happened in the dream's fulfilment.

Definition of Mean

Having the mean (see noun below) as its value. | (obsolete) Middling; intermediate; moderately good, tolerable. | (Ireland, Britain regional) To lament.
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