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  • She was being what in being is meaning that she is being.
  • She shook her head, meaning that it was impossible.
  • Meaning that in such case the flesh itself is the impediment.
  • It was completely meaning that which was beginning explaining understanding.
  • Then as he saw the meaning that might bear he laughed again.
  • And it was from this meaning that the name came to be used as a general word.
  • Yes, that was the meaning that lurked behind his words all the time.
  • He could not guess the meaning that lay back of what his wife had written.
  • She could not find the double meaning that must have been behind his words.
  • Curly shook his head; meaning that he was feeling in the wrong pocket.
  • He must know every meaning that they are capable of conveying to every mind.
  • She was a proud-purse, they said, meaning that she had a haughty walk.
  • This is my meaning, that consciences, as thou namest them, are many.
  • Meaning that Sandy had gone in the direction of the hills, as had McHale.

How To Use Meaning That In A Sentence?

  • The priests have interpreted this into meaning that baptism is necessary for salvation.
  • He was not the only one to have the meaning that a cold day that is darker is darker.
  • That was how he put it, meaning that they should have an easier life of it than he had had.
  • Let us take miracle as meaning that which cannot be explained through natural causes.
  • I am far from meaning that five-year-olds should be confined to their literal experiences.
  • I had an idea that there was no meaning in anything, at least no meaning that mattered.
  • Honora knew this, and was indifferent to the wealth of meaning that lay behind their discretion.
  • It is far from meaning that there should be no compulsion or discipline, no pain or self-denial.
  • She considered this also, and took the broader meaning that such acts are not wasted.
  • Sacrifices made for a higher power give life a meaning that it would otherwise have lost.
  • Meaning, that he deserts his men in mid-campaign, leaving them to look after the enemy.
  • We say that wood is cross-grained, meaning that the grains or fibers of the wood run crosswise.
  • Meaning that he was to go about winning souls for God, instead of being a fisherman.
  • W. S. meaning that their intelligence was derived from all quarters of the globe.
  • The specific gravity of gold is 19.26, meaning that it is about 19-1/4 times heavier than water.
  • The Commandant pondered this and shook his head, meaning that he found it hard to answer.
  • He got the name of Liu Ma Pang, a disrespectful term, meaning that he was fond of using the stick.
  • If they all knew that they had met they could say that meeting was not meaning that all of them were all of them.
  • Justification by his own faith was simply overflowing with a meaning that knew no bounds in his experience.
  • That was what was left when there had been all that was not meaning that what was dark had come to be dark as it was dark as it had been dark.
  • It is of the greatest importance that the reader should firmly seize the meaning that it is designed to convey.
  • How sweetly the tune that is written is saying that obeying is meaning that apologising is not beautifying.
  • This was one of the answers with a double meaning that were so much in the fashion of the time and so characteristic of the people.
  • War has the deep meaning that by it the ethical health of the nations is preserved and their finite aims uprooted.
  • But there are some words which have changed so much in meaning that their present sense seems to have no connection with their earlier meaning.
  • Sumner says that democracy is one of the many words of ambiguous meaning that have played such a large part in politics.
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