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  • Confused shouting rang out, without any meaningful words.
  • The two girls exchanged a quick, meaningful look.
  • The Jabberwocks exchanged surprised and meaningful glances.

How To Use Meaningful In A Sentence?

  • Dreams may be quite meaningful or at least coherent, yes, even witty, fantastically beautiful.
  • History and popular tradition tell us that the dream is meaningful and significant; it sees into the future.
  • Pole beans can make a meaningful yield without any irrigation; under severe moisture stress they will survive, but bear little.
  • In spite of these downcast complaints, More was quite capable of lively and meaningful poetic ideas.
  • He jerked his thumb with meaningful eyes, and I knew that he meant that his aunt had been there listening at our door cranny.
  • Try then to use words which are simple and meaningful to him and be content to wait for life to lead him to formulate vital verbal forms for himself.
  • Individuals and corporations who report computer and telecommunications crimes can now expect that their cooperation with federal law enforcement will result in meaningful punishment.
  • This particular test consists in requiring the individual to supply meaningful words or phrases in the blank spaces formed by mutilating logical text.
  • Yet the only meaningful conclusion is again drawn from the onanism complex, where it is a matter of course for the young man to do everything in order to hide his sex life from his father.

Definition of Meaningful

Having meaning, significant.
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