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  • No meanness of heart was in him.
  • There is no depth of meanness to which it will not stoop.
  • I entreat your excuse for the meanness of my presents.
  • Did they ever extirpate the meanness of a customer?
  • Still, that kind of meanness does not appeal to me.
  • The palace is a union of splendor and meanness within.
  • Existence, meanness of, viii.
  • Nobody ever yet done me a meanness and got away with it.
  • Oh, the meanness of these Andalusians!
  • The meanness of his vices prejudices the grandeur of his crimes.
  • Her judgment was obscured by the magnitude of her meanness in her own eyes.
  • He was noted for his meanness and for his surly disposition toward all.
  • It is the meanness that is in me makes me look for faults in everybody.
  • I think she would be capable of any meanness to obtain that finery.
  • And yet you both has the meanness to go and bring one along with you.
  • Not the least meanness of a lie is in its infectious poisoning power.
  • The meanness of your black heart is a million times greater.
  • Yet no act of his life savoured in the least degree of meanness or avarice.
  • God save me from the meanness of envy, the baseness of jealousy.
  • He accepts hospitalities, but will not stoop to meanness or injustice.
  • Ah, to what cringing meanness are most people reduced by adversity!
  • Have you never observed what great meanness may be committed for small ends?
  • If he was capable of the meanness of envy, I was resolved to punish him.
  • Yet I cannot believe, but the meanness of my habit must needs scandalize you.
  • Such meanness of spirit can have but one result--impiety.

How To Use Meanness In A Sentence?

  • The only way to handle that kind is to run straight at him and kick the meanness out of him.
  • I will not be guilty of the ineffable meanness of paddling away in some orthodox canoe.
  • Hunger pricked him, and the meanness of the part he had played moved him to action.
  • It is a face that lifts one above the weakness and meanness of ordinary human life.
  • If there had been any doubt of his fate, this weakness and meanness would have settled it.
  • Decatur despised meanness of every description, and rarely was beaten in a fight.
  • A man to descend to such depths of meanness must have suffered a great deal on the way.
  • The value of truth and the meanness of falsehood find due place in our proverb literature.
  • Those in whom coldness and meanness are found are of necessity excluded from the Presence.
  • It is opposed to every thing Christian and humane, and full of all meanness and cruelty.
  • To this street Leonard contrived to find his way, much marvelling at the meanness of London.
  • Strands of meanness and cowardice are everywhere shot through the warp of lofty and generous daring.
  • Lessons of the meanness of the rewards, the pettiness of the misfortunes of a shifting world of illusions.
  • There is no meanness in his father or him; but that wouldn't stop him thinking.
  • For a long time his meanness and sharp dealings were reserved for outsiders and he was generous with his family.

Definition of Meanness

(uncountable) The condition, or quality, of being mean (any of its definitions) | (countable) A mean act.
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