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How To Use Means I In A Sentence?

  • I saw that he was burning to know by what means I had escaped the fate prepared for me.
  • By that means I have become acquainted with many things that others do not know.
  • Though hopeless of any information to be gained by that means, I put my eye to the keyhole.
  • I sauntered past, wondering by what means I could ascertain something about him.
  • I had exhausted every means I had when he went away the first time; there was nothing left.
  • Just then the prince succeeded, by what means I did not see, in awaking the beautiful sleeper.
  • A half-holiday means, I suppose, a day on which a schoolboy is only partially holy.
  • It was necessary for me to use any means I could think of for getting you to England.
  • By this means I think that every sophism brought against the Sceptical formulae can be overturned.
  • By this means, I think I shall have done all that my attachment and duty prescribe.
  • All means I might the Duke of York to annoy, And all his kin and friends for to destroy.
  • If only by this means I may preserve to myself the virginity of the spirit, which enjoys with astonishment and fear.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Means I | Means I Sentence

  • By this means I am made unrecognizable.
  • Whether he would know what that means I do not know.
  • It means I am a poor man in your estimation.
  • By all possible means I managed to succor those forts.
  • You know what frowsy means, I suppose.
  • By all means; I have done so, and it will be for good.
  • That means I must stand ready; they are about to lift me.
  • It looks moneyed and landed; it means I have a lawyer.
  • By infamous means, I work towards my bright purpose.
  • I spare no pains; neglect no means; I train him.
  • Your presence here means, I presume, that you want money.
  • But when I had the means I liked better to be independent.
  • The modern spirit means, I suppose, a breathless vitality.
  • That means I censor the advertisements, I suppose.
  • That means I can give you the protection from the police you just spoke about.
  • You have overcome some of my precautions, by what means I cannot tell.
  • Maybe you folks know what it means, I don't.
  • Its presence gave me a hope that by its means I might find my home.
  • By some means I again got over the fence, bruising my fingers in the effort.
  • It means, I suppose, that when you touch the drums they bite.
  • You're old enough to know what that means, I suppose?
  • He is patiently waiting to obey as fully as He means I should.
  • That means, I think, don't try to serve two masters.
  • Perplexed as to the means I should employ, I once more tried the lock.
  • And by those means I won the King of Egypt's daughter.
  • Then I feel a sharp tap on my big copper crown, which means I must start down.
  • This is the means I have found, sir, and I tell it to you now....
  • That means I need not publish anything in to-morrow's paper.
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