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  • Patricia had not meant to interrupt.
  • What could she have meant by that?
  • I saw in it more than she meant to reveal.
  • This meant fighting on the morrow.
  • He meant no reflection on himself in the comparison.
  • He meant to fire this time.
  • He had never meant to be taken so literally.
  • That pick is not meant for geological specimens at all.
  • What had it meant to them, she wondered.
  • I understand; and meant to speak of that.
  • Still, he was a good man and meant well.
  • The Wallach meant no offence by this terminology.
  • That is what Julius Gershom meant when he threatened.
  • What had Mrs. Page meant by her questions?
  • However, Sir, I meant it well.
  • This seems to be precisely what is meant by the use of the term preference.
  • He knew that it belonged to his folks, and he meant to guard it.
  • Bruce's good opinion meant much to her always.
  • This meant busy times, getting in order to open up for business.
  • The eagle came uppermost, and the eagle meant the open prairie for us.
  • I meant to be awake when the hour that Joe had suggested for rising struck.
  • He was smiling and Patricia knew his expression meant something agreeable.
  • I knew that she meant to compliment me, but I would not appear to know it.
  • He said he believed it would, and asked me if I meant to make a library of it.
  • And think I meant it other than I did, That he was not admitted yesterday.
  • Patricia thought he meant about Tancredi's verdict, and she beamed on him.
  • I meant to steal the money just as much as you did," returned Gray quietly.

How To Use Meant In A Sentence?

  • I have heard of the wretch, in whose house you meant to place that unfortunate.
  • Master Pok, under the impression that the hint was meant for him, drew still nearer.
  • And what meant that stare of the girl as if she wanted to impress his features for ever in her mind?
  • This decision of the judgment is what is usually meant by the use of the term preference, or choice.
  • It's meant to be used for digging up a large sum of money hidden somewhere about here.
  • And what meant that peculiarly intent and slightly frowning glance which the painted eyes forever bent upon his own?
  • He meant to destroy the two remaining railroads in that part of the country, and that would finish up that region.
  • He didn't know what she meant, but whatever it was, she evidently meant it with determination.
  • I had meant to leave this record of misery and crime with you, to be read when I should be no more.
  • Whether she had run on board or not, this silence meant that the Frenchman had lost her in the dark.
  • Yet, at the moment, appreciating all that it meant to him, she asked herself if she had been wise to let him see the thought in her mind.
  • You're frightened, he says; but the law is only meant to frighten fools away. . .
  • When he had earned the fortune he had come to Australia to earn he meant to prove to the world how keen and true his artistic tastes were.

Definition of Meant

simple past tense and past participle of mean
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