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  • To deuide any measurable line into ij.
  • The lapse of time is a measurable serial quantity.
  • Only a few, however, were measurable in amount.
  • We here reach some definitely measurable data for estimating its visible size.
  • This, then, is the diameter of the visible and measurable part of the sun.
  • But a circus bill, pink and pictorial, is measurable in feet.

How To Use Measurable In A Sentence?

  • The men became serious when they came within measurable distance of the wedding dinner.
  • That any right line of measurable length may be drawen forth longer, and straight.
  • Energy, on the other hand, exacts little if anything beyond the character of measurable power.
  • The energy of physics, defined by measurable quantitative equivalence, is a case in point.
  • Need I say they never ripened, or came within even measurable distance of perfection.
  • Perhaps the only differences of this kind which at present are accurately measurable are those of the size and form of the brain.
  • The endless repetition of sweeping vale and plateau brought infinity within measurable comprehension.
  • In other words measurement presupposes the measurable, and the theory of the measurable is the theory of congruence.
  • The woman he loved did not love him to any measurable extent; the woman he married cares for him even less!
  • And we may also believe that there is no measurable limit to its power of putting forth ever new and miraculous flowers.
  • So far as concerns measurable energy or measurable material, the body behaves just like any other machine.
  • That is to say, 'passage' is not measurable except as it occurs in nature in connexion with extension.
  • But the exceptions were worse than the rule; for a rule is a matter of a mere paragraph, while the exceptions are measurable by pages.
  • This goal is yet far beyond measurable reach, but until we attain it our hopes will be a chimera, and our efforts futile and illusory.
  • Properly speaking, heat is a movement of the atoms of matter, the intensity of which is measurable in degrees, and called its temperature.
  • Thus, the measurable deliverance of mankind from small-pox is an earnest of deliverance from measles, scarlatina, and typhoid fever.
  • Twas appalling to observe the measurable amount of Teutonic cerebration going on under cover of his round, green glasses.
  • Everything is measurable and conditioned, indefinitely repeated, yet, in repetition, twisted somewhat from its old form.
  • On both sides, from the level of the street to a height often measurable in hundreds of feet, nearly every building blazed with electric signs.
  • Nevertheless, it may be doubted if anything measurable could be computed on principles more erroneous than those which now prevail with regard to it.
  • He had no large knowledge of any subject, though he had looked into many just far enough to replace absolute unconsciousness of them with measurable ignorance.
  • Not alone was it shown that the nerve centre requires a measurable time for its operations, but much was learned as to conditions that modify this time.
  • The output of the other sugars is measurable in hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but the output of the sugar of commerce is measured in millions of tons.
  • She had, too, been so discreet about it; she had not come within measurable distance of asserting that the challenge had been in any way connected with her.
  • By far the larger number of these lie within a measurable distance of Tenby, whence access is easily obtained to them by road, rail, or boat.
  • So far as we can tell, there is no measurable effect of illicit digital downloads on sales or rentals of DVDs.
  • Meanwhile, she can look forward to decades of measurable development through exploiting raw materials already available, if political conditions permit.
  • So far as possible such analyses should proceed in terms of identifiable, comparable and measurable characteristics rather than by the vague categories of conversation and literary description.
  • No further measurable leakage developed in the repaired cracks, during a period of four months, and the total leakage has been reduced to about 0.002 cu.
  • I afterwards learned that the mistake was at the expense of a widow and her young children, who, because of it, were brought within very measurable distance of want.
  • The whole of scientific theory depends on this assumption and any theory of time which fails to provide such a measurable series stands self-condemned as unable to account for the most salient fact in experience.
  • Now they were Harrow boys again, within measurable distance of the Yard, although still in the shadow of the Spire.
  • A view; a vista; the effect of distance upon the appearance of objects, by means of which the eye recognizes them as being at a more or less measurable distance.
  • The extent of success is measurable by the strength of will on one hand, and the degree of susceptibility on the other; both may be infinitely varied, from total absence to an overwhelming abundance.

Definition of Measurable

Able to be measured. | Of significant importance. | That which can be measured; a metric.

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