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  • Electrical measurement in theory and application.
  • Notes on the measurement of faunal resemblance.
  • And what was the true measurement of the new little world?
  • Government, duty in measurement of, 120.
  • Under Scientific Management measurement is basic.
  • What accurate measurement determines his actual capacity to be.
  • I found by measurement their construction exceedingly simple.
  • The measurement of an angle is expressed in parts of the circumference.
  • Level measurement means all that lies below the edge of the cup or spoon.
  • The foot-pound is the unit of measurement employed in the study of work.
  • This first measurement is of a young man between 20 and 25 years of age.
  • This measurement again is as precise and certain as that of the Moon.
  • Under this title are considered all forms of measurement used by the Igorot.
  • Methods of measurement by the toothed wheel of Fizeau confirm this result.
  • Under Traditional Management there was little measurement of a man's capacity.

How To Use Measurement In A Sentence?

  • Meantime he had taken part in the measurement of a degree in Lapland (1736-1737).
  • The comparison of a mass with the standard is effected with a precision to which no other measurement can attain.
  • The valuable inventions referred to as the result of measurement are the work of the synthetic mind.
  • Some antiquarians believe the sculptured stone to be an astronomical calendar or a table of measurement and calculation.
  • A veritable science of measurement has thus been constituted which extends over all parts of the domain of physics.
  • Through accurate measurement of the mind and the body only can individuality be recognized, conserved and developed as it should be.
  • Their entire success depends upon the careful measurement of ingredients, the mixing and the baking.
  • The importance of human measurement to vocational guidance and to the training of the young for life work has never been properly realized.
  • A scale of measurement is given at the bottom of the drawings, by which, the size of all parts can be measured.
  • In expressing the valence of an element we must select some standard for comparison, just as in the measurement of any other numerical quantity.
  • The measurement of length used by me does not represent the actual length of the bone, but instead the chords of the arcs involved.
  • Accurate measurement has shown that when ammonia is decomposed, two volumes of the gas yield one volume of nitrogen and three volumes of hydrogen.
  • This measurement is obtained in several ways, among which probably the use of a weir is the simplest and most accurate, for small streams.
  • Under Scientific Management measurement of the worker tells 1. what the workers are capable of doing.
  • There wasn't a turn nor a twist in it, and I know by actual measurement that it wasn't sixty feet long.
  • Under Traditional Management there is not enough accurate measurement done to make its effect on the worker of much value.
  • Under Scientific Measurement, measurement of the work itself determines 1. what kind of workers are needed.
  • Under Traditional Management, even the crudest measurement of output and cost usually resulted in an increase in output.
  • Much work has been done on this, and it is very gratifying to say that this measurement has been found possible to an extent that was not dreamed of before the work was started.
  • But amongst all the effects there is one which constitutes for the radiations taken as a whole, a veritable process for the measurement of radioactivity.
  • When the distance of an object is unknown, the only means of expressing its apparent size is by measurement of the angle which it subtends before our eyes.
  • Under Transitory Management and measurement of individual output, output increased and rewards for the higher output kept up the standard.
  • We measured everything in those days by Sweet Apple Tree, and the measurement was always in our favour.
  • We can not imagine thought measured by units, and until we can conceive of such measurement we can get no meaning from any attempt to find a correlation between mental and physical phenomena.
  • The measurement of form is then the weight of the average nut divided by the weight of a nut of the same size of perfect shape, that is without hollows or ridges.

Definition of Measurement

The act of measuring. | Magnitude (or extent or amount) determined by an act of measuring.
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