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  • These measurements can be varied.
  • The measurements followed in the afternoon.
  • Accurate measurements of income are not available.
  • In several instances measurements were expressly made.
  • Tests and measurements in health and physical education.
  • Showing where certain cranial measurements were taken.
  • Geographic variation in these measurements is clinal in some species.
  • Describe the different methods of measurements of telephone circuits.
  • The measurements were taken and the secretaries ordered to set them down.
  • The internal measurements of this chamber were 26 feet by 33.
  • Figures 1 and 2 show the points between which those measurements were taken.
  • We took the measurements and bought new glass from the glass shop.

How To Use Measurements In A Sentence?

  • He ends with a report on the measurements of the galleons in the islands in 1617.
  • Three views of the skull to show points between which measurements of the skull were taken.
  • Laboratory manual for Tests and measurements in health and physical education.
  • Laboratory manual for Tests and measurements in health and physical education.
  • Two measurements (in millimeters) reflecting tooth-wear plotted against one another.
  • Accurate measurements of tombs, buried houses, ancient churches were entered in great books.
  • External measurements used were total length, length of tail, and length of hind foot.
  • Save Maria Groome each had made at least one trip to Europe and left her measurements with Worth.
  • The due proportions and measurements had been ascertained and fixed many centuries before their time.
  • Thus natural science has in its objective measurements the possibility of describing every part of the physical world.
  • Values obtained from several measurements of the skull and baculum allow for ready recognition of the two species.
  • When he went for his suit his measurements were thirty-eight around the waist and thirty-eight around the chest.
  • Always keep the fact in mind that just five times the actual measurements of the rice in water will be required to cook it.
  • Of the cranial measurements here employed, palatal length and least interorbital breadth are the most significant and useful.
  • If all collectors measured external parts in the same way the measurements would be more useful for differentiating one species from another.
  • The experienced cook with an eye for measurements can gauge the amounts, very frequently, to a nicety.
  • High-grade condensers, such as are used for measurements and standardization purposes, usually have mica for the dielectric.
  • The spoons graduate from one-quarter of a teaspoon to one tablespoon, thus making accurate measurements for seasoning and flavoring.
  • Take such measurements at sunrise, noon, and sunset, and see the apparently differing sizes due to refraction.
  • The measurements of the skull that were used in this study were made as shown in White (1953:566, fig.
  • When I replied I told her that it was the measurements and methods that she used that frequently caused a failure.
  • While the measurements of other writers are very far from accurate, the figure given by Philo is only 16 feet 6 inches in excess of the truth.
  • The door of life, the conventional form of the Asherah with its thirteen flowers or measurements of time, is given in fig.
  • The measurements as well as the form and all the details of my new, and, I hope, my last dwelling are strictly in accordance with my plan.
  • For some years different experimenters have also effected many very precise measurements of the weight of divers bodies both before and after chemical reactions between these bodies.
  • Perot and Fabry, have lately effected by optical methods, measurements of the greatest precision, and no doubt further progress may still be made.
  • The chief danger of inaccuracy in such information lies in basing it on insufficient measurements or in applying it where soil or moisture conditions are greatly different.
  • The following measurements of the skull showed the least individual variation but showed some geographic variation and therefore, were used in this study.

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plural of measurement
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