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  • The pilgrimage to Mecca he regards as dangerous.
  • Golden Gate park was the mecca of the destitute.
  • In fact Mecca gained new importance from this conquest.
  • Pictorial Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.
  • Pictorial Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.
  • In Mecca there is a mosque called the Great Mosque.
  • He had worshipped at Mecca and at Salt Lake City.
  • With the price of claims soaring, it became a mecca for claim jumpers.
  • One comes upon these Mecca doorways very frequently in the old quarters.
  • He had a green turban upon his head, which marked him as a Mecca pilgrim.
  • Two more fragments he reserved to be sent to Mecca and Medina.
  • For this is holy ground, a hallowed spot, a Mecca of modern pilgrims.
  • I will even yet see Mecca and the dreamed-of tents of the Arabs.
  • He went to Mecca to pray to God, and that's why he wears a turban.

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  • In Mecca there is a slave market where boys and girls are sold to the highest bidder.
  • Here at last we thought we had found the Mecca towards which, all our lives we had been drifting.
  • At Mecca we read of hundreds of idols; a hundred tribes have left there something of their own.
  • They are held sacred by the natives, being supposed to migrate to Mecca every year.
  • In the year 630 he moved against Mecca with a large army, and met with but faint opposition.
  • Any but the Moslem faith caught in the pilgrimmage to Mecca meet swift death.
  • Naturally it is a "deer-lick," which makes it a Mecca during the open season to hunters.
  • Islam adopts the Mecca rites, and thereby becomes the national religion of Arabia.
  • Word of her prowess drifted to Paris, the Mecca of eighteenth-century actor-folk.
  • One of your slaves knew as many as a camel-driver could tell on the trip from Mecca to Medina.
  • It is the week-end Mecca of the Zone people and also of many of the Panamanians.
  • The Book of Kells is the Mecca of the illuminative artist, but it is the despair of the copyist.
  • In holy Mecca, in green-roofed Mecca of the many gates, we knew him for the King.
  • Thus the little town at the end of the North Western Railroad was the Mecca of that lottery.
  • Goboto is the mecca of sprees, and when they have spread they go back to their schooners and plantations to recuperate.
  • So they pressed on by the valley between the hills till they saw before them the roofs and the minarets of Mecca itself.
  • A sepulcher was erected for him, which became the mausoleum of his memory, and the Mecca of his deceits.
  • The discovery of that unknown wretch was the Mecca of my earthly pilgrimage, from which no difficulties or obstacles should divert me.
  • Rome had long been the Mecca of the boy's ambitions, and he joyously accepted the invitation.
  • Lights shone through the cracks of one window at the far end, but the studio which was his Mecca was rayless.
  • Though he had left Mecca in anger, he could not forget or ignore the city which held this place in his eyes.
  • Yesterday there was a stir about two crazy lads who are supposed to have joined the Mecca pilgrims in disguise....
  • Every Mussulman is bound by his religion to make a visit or pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his life.
  • A green stone, green as the turban of a Mecca pilgrim, green as the eye of a black panther in the thicket.
  • Five rows of arches form the arcade, or cloisters, on the Mecca end of the building, with two rows on the other three sides.
  • The old trail across the Isthmus is the Mecca of many pilgrims who by some searching find its scattered stones amid the riotous jungle.

Definition of Mecca

Alternative form of Mecca; a place to which a group of people (for example shoppers) are drawn.
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