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  • But the mechanism of the engine is intelligible.
  • This mechanism we call the circulatory system.
  • Dave took in every detail of the mechanism before his eyes.
  • Solvency is in the ideas and mechanism of an Englishman.
  • What an extraordinary thing is the mechanism of the human mind!
  • By still different mechanism it may be converted into electric force.
  • Its mechanism is simple, and, moreover, it was designed by human intelligence.
  • Therefore in bringing out your play, Nor scenes nor mechanism spare!
  • Diagram to illustrate cerebral mechanism of speech, after Bastian 18.

How To Use Mechanism In A Sentence?

  • We are most of us endeavouring to rearrange the mechanism in other heads than our own.
  • How can you expect them to take the slightest interest in the mechanism of our social order?
  • For similar reasons little reference will be made to the mechanism of plant life.
  • Let us look at it a little more closely, and examine the nature and mechanism of its parts.
  • Bert explained the simpler points of the mechanism to the mountaineer, who seemed much interested.
  • But, in the first place, he scrutinized the mechanism of the revolving mantelpiece.
  • They, too, are pieces of complicated mechanism whose action we do not even hope to understand.
  • The energy is, by the mechanism of the machine, changed into motion or nervous impulse, etc.
  • One of the Greek gods would literally descend on a mechanism from the rafters and save the day.
  • Until this be done, it will be impossible to extricate the phenomena of the will from the mechanism of cause and effect.
  • Or independent mechanism may be provided throughout for treating each group of threads to be wound.
  • We have found that this scheme is as weak and crazy in the mechanism of its internal structure as it is frightful in its consequences.
  • Polis spent entire days going through the mechanism in his search for the answer and then he found something.
  • These powerful little engines are marvels of mechanism and they have had much to do in the rapid modern progress of aeronautics.
  • We can not, therefore, find any explanation of reproduction until we have explained the mechanism of the cell.
  • This having somewhat altered the mechanism of the pen point, its reversal brought lines sombre and heavy.
  • This is as we should expect, for they form a part of the whole cerebral mechanism which presides over the voice in speech and song.
  • The tiniest defect in the mechanism of the inner ear may cost the airman his life, if he undertakes night flying.
  • Does not the tissue exist for the sweetness of the rose, the marble for the beauty of the stature, and the mechanism for the illusion of the play?
  • While listening to the story, his muscles are resting, and the force is spending its strength in working the mechanism of the brain.
  • These centres may be regarded as a part of the physiological mechanism, but the brain acts as a whole in the psychic mechanism of speech and song.
  • Leaning down until his body touched the top frame bar, he coaxed ever a little more speed from the fire-spitting mechanism beneath him.
  • The engine then takes the energy thus liberated, and as a result of its peculiar mechanism converts it into the motion of its great fly-wheel.
  • The early morning invariably found him in his hangar, going over with loving care every detail of the mechanism of his swift scout plane.
  • The mechanism at the central office by which selection of the proper station is made in a rapid manner is shown in Fig.
  • Secondly, it is dependent, as we have seen, upon the mechanism of the cell body, and especially the nucleus and centrosome.
  • Habit, like memory, is a difficult point in mental organisation: habit is the mechanism of self-feeling, as memory is the mechanism of intelligence.
  • We all turned, as if we were a piece of mechanism worked by the same spring, and stared at Miss Maitland.
  • The absence of all relays and other mechanism and also the absence of the necessity for ground connections at the telephone are all points in favor of the harmonic system.
  • A perfect psychic mechanism is as necessary as the physiological mechanism for the production of perfect vocalisation, especially for dramatic singing.
  • While he spoke, Mr. Carmichael opened the case of the instrument, and adjusted the mechanism inside.

Definition of Mechanism

(within a machine or machinery) Any mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion, or the transmission or control of power. | Any combination of cams, gears, links, belts, chains and logical mechanical elements. | A group of entities, such as objects, that interact together.
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