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  • The child rose and came towards the table with shining eyes, the medal in his hand.
  • The entire frankness between friends is brightly illustrated by the history of the award of the Royal Medal in 1854.
  • There is only a facsimile of the medal in bronze now left in my cabinet, which the Committee in Hamburg kindly presented to me.
  • His latest piece of work was a medal in high relief bearing the heads of the Prince and Princess of Wales surrounded with a wreath.
  • After their discourse, Whitelocke presented Piementelle his medal in gold very like him, and it was received by Piementelle with much affection.
  • The workman who was to make that of General Greene, brought me yesterday, the medal in gold, twenty-three in copper, and the dye.
  • One of these noble creatures was decorated with a medal, in commemoration of his having saved the lives of twenty-two persons, who, but for his sagacity, must have perished.
  • As she did not know how to write, Captain Dorr hit upon the expedient of having her photograph taken with the medal in her hand, and sent that in lieu of her autograph.
  • I believe that at the time when Rupert Drone had taken the medal in Greek over fifty years ago, it was only a twist of fate that had prevented him from becoming a great writer.
  • When he left Madrid, the Spanish Government struck a medal in his honour as a tribute to his successful occupancy of an embassy by no means the easiest in Europe.
  • George McLean received the Distinguished Conduct Medal in recognition of the performance of a feat which was an extraordinary one even for the great war.
  • They never were the forte of the men who had been trained at the little Anglican college with the clipped hedges and the cricket ground, where Rupert Drone had taken the gold medal in Greek fifty-two years ago.
  • He was only twenty when, in 1845, he went up for his M.B. at London University, and won a gold medal in his favourite subjects of Anatomy and Physiology, being second in that section.
  • They were successful, some years ago, in obtaining a medal awarded by the Society of Arts; in obtaining a First Class Exhibition Medal in 1851, also in 1855, and again in 1862.
  • And so on the great vault, which was divided into six compartments, there was seen in each of these, in place of the rosettes that are generally put there, a device, or, to speak more correctly, the reverse of a medal in keeping with the two above-described scenes of the walls.
  • Col. FREMONT has received from the Royal Geographical Society of London a medal, in token of their sense of his eminent services in promoting the cause of geographical knowledge.
  • The two Empress Regents also struck a heavy gold medal in his honour, the destination of which will be told hereafter, and Li Hung Chang did everything possible to demonstrate the respect and regard he entertained for his European colleague.
  • And as to Hegel--well, that thing knocked all the Hegelism out of me," and he glanced at the gold medal in the glass case.
  • Your brilliant work in natural history and geography, and as one of the founders of the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, is universally honoured and has often received public recognition, as in the awards of the Darwin and Royal Medals of the Royal Society, and of our Medal in 1892.
  • Queen Elizabeth and the English people knew that well, for Queen Elizabeth struck a medal in commemoration of the event, and the motto on the medal was, "God blew upon them with His winds, and scattered them."
  • After detailing at such length the material advantages of this interesting and important community, we should not be doing right if we did not present the reverse of the medal in certain drawbacks and deficiencies which seriously interfere with the prosperity and progress of "the hardware village."
  • Then, as the "gold medal in Greek" caught my eye again, I almost let the letter fall to the ground; and I thought of his Lordship's words: "I can send him a curate who will break his heart in six weeks."
  • He was often interrupted by their expressions of astonishment; and when he had ended, the master of the house, who had received him in so kind a manner, said: "I trust your words, Said; but you tell us that you won a medal in the tournament, and that the caliph gave you a ring; can you show them to us?"
  • He won a third-class medal at the Salon in 1897, a second-class medal in 1907, second-class medals at the Paris Exposition in 1900, at the Buffalo Exposition in 1901, and at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904, a gold medal at San Francisco in 1915, the Walter Lippincott Prize in Philadelphia in 1900, and the Harris Prize of five hundred dollars, in 1906, for the best picture in the annual exhibition of American paintings at the Chicago Art Institute.
  • With Hooker, the keen observer and critical reasoner, the man of warm impulses and sane judgments, he had a peculiarly intimate bond of friendship summed up in a letter of 1888, when they had received the Copley medal in successive years:--
  • " A counterpart of this medal in gold is said to exist at Richmond, with the name of Jefferson Davis as the first president of the Southern Confederacy, and "1861" on the reverse side.
  • A gold medal in the department of Hermeneutical Science to the ingenious individual, who, after any length of study, can succeed in unriddling this tremendous passage from "Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha," the organist:--
  • He was awarded the Regina Medal in 1961 for his "distinguished contribution to children's literature," honoring works like _The Children's Homer
  • [2] There are two separate portraits by Sandro which are full of character and interest: the portrait of a youth in our National Gallery, and of a man holding a medal in the Florence Academy.
  • of "NOTES AND QUERIES") respecting Charles XII.'s medal in commemoration of the victory at Holowzin.
  • "The Bishop told me," said I, "that you were a great Greek scholar, and took a medal in Greek composition?"

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  • I receive a gold medal in Pest.
  • With that medal in his pocket it cost him no effort to make the confession.
  • He invented a successful steam plow, for which he obtained a medal in the West.
  • He won a medal in a swimming-match, but never dared to show it to Miss Matilda.
  • I keep the medal in the same bag with the bullet."
  • say that she would be presented with a medal in recognition of her courage.
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