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  • We each mediate them through our own experience.
  • You'll mediate with him for my freedom?
  • And I am to mediate these matters of international importance!
  • How, then, can we frame principles of mediate reasoning, about such things?
  • Immediate and Mediate Inference 70 Sec.3.
  • Alexander the Great is not a god: this is a Mediate Inference.
  • Nature of Mediate Inference and Syllogism 107 Sec.2.

How To Use Mediate In A Sentence?

  • It is clear that by its very nature mediate association can give rise to novel combinations.
  • He summoned the pardon-monger without delay, and suggested that he should mediate with Sture.
  • Whenever there was a loud disagreement of this sort, Dr. Lowell was there to mediate calmly.
  • The Estates of Flanders endeavoured to mediate between overlord and town, but without success.
  • France was to mediate for peace between Russia and Turkey, Russia between England and France.
  • To mediate in behalf of all the steel workers, both those on strike and those who had gone back to work.
  • He could neither disclose to her the secret articles nor mediate in her behalf with a country which had already joined his own system.
  • Another series of 961 experiments gives 72 cases, for which he offers an explanation other than mediate association.
  • The design of Napoleon to mediate was interpreted by the community as hostile and aggressive in its object.
  • In 1241 we find Richard at Rome endeavouring to mediate between Pope Gregory IX.
  • By this time the merchants were thoroughly alarmed, and begged some of their influential friends to mediate with the Khalifa.
  • It is no doubt true that in such a Church unspiritual men are made to mediate spiritual gifts, but happily we may distinguish character and office.
  • The other European powers would not enter this war, though England offered to mediate between the rival powers.
  • Other kinds of Mediate Inference exist, yielding valid conclusions, without being truly syllogistic.
  • The sensitive soul is a mediate and mixed being, like the moon, which is a compound of what is above and of what is below; and is to the sun in the same relation as the earth is to the moon.
  • Sometimes bystanders attempt to mediate between the disputing parties, and this course generally prolongs the talk and noise indefinitely, and does not often succeed.
  • One series of 557 experiments gave him eight apparently mediate associations; after examination, he reduced them to a single one, which seemed to him doubtful.
  • He is told that the world wishes him well, and this is brought home to him through representations of the tenderness of Christ, and through the direct ministerings of those who mediate it.
  • Wilson thinks he cannot now mediate before the election, because England might pay little attention to him until after the election, and if he were not elected would have nothing further to do with him.
  • In other words, the first sphere is immediate, the second mediated by reflection, the third or highest returns into the first, and is both mediate and immediate.

Definition of Mediate

Acting through a mediating agency, indirect. | Intermediate between extremes. | Gained or effected by a medium or condition.
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