Meditations In A Sentence

Definition of Meditations

plural of meditation

How To Use Meditations In A Sentence?

  • I am happy to proclaim the result of my long meditations and scholastic researches.
  • And it is the less wonder if the scene of his meditations began to draw him bodily.
  • Of what nature had been the meditations of our Lord during the three hours of silence?
  • Through meditations patient and prolonged Calypso had succeeded in adding coquetry to love.
  • My meditations were disturbed by the arrival on the scene of the very last man I expected.
  • Mr Burton, returning to the locked door, pursued his meditations as he listened at the panel.
  • In lonely meditations in the fields and pastures of Nazareth it seized and inspired His mind.
  • So absorbed was he in his meditations that he did not hear a knock at the door, and it had to be repeated.
  • He has not humbled his meditations to the industry of complement, nor afflicted his brain in an elaborate leg.
  • I sought various ways to divert his mind, and to arouse him from the constant meditations in which he was plunged.
  • So completely wrapt up was he in his meditations that he heard not a word of the speeches, not even the concluding remarks of the president.
  • Suddenly his meditations were interrupted by a yell directly in one of his long ears, and a sharp pain felt in both sides at once.
  • These meditations were a mixture of comfort and discomfort to me; but on the whole I was not comfortable.
  • He cloysters not his meditations in the narrow darkness of a room, but sends them abroad with his eyes, and his brain travels with his feet.
  • His meditations are indeed each in three points, but they allow more latitude of treatment than does a strictly Jesuit book.
  • When he had reached this point in his meditations the door opened, and Claus came in with a couple of cigars in his hand.
  • But anon and bime bye these dark meditations died away, for what wuz cloud or cold, or white icy shores?
  • He shoots all his meditations at one but; and beats upon his text, not the cushion; making his hearers, not the pulpit groan.
  • But let us leave the robber for a moment to his meditations and go up, like the Duke, to the rooms in the palace.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Meditations | Meditations Sentence

  • It was clear that his meditations were troublesome.
  • There are meditations which are the ruin of us women!
  • It was a disagreeable turn to my meditations for a moment.
  • His meditations brought a certain amount of balm.
  • Their meditations may be full of rich and fruitful things.
  • What his meditations wuz, I don't know, nor Josiah don't.
  • A series of Daily Meditations for Christian Disciples.
  • Preston's meditations were different.
  • Such meditations must now be practised with various other symbols.
  • There was no room in his mind for meditations on the perfidy of woman.
  • He was interrupted in his meditations by a feeble knock on his study door.
  • In the midst of these meditations she heard a ring at the front door.
  • But at this decision his meditations stopped short, and that uncomfortably.
  • Verily this is one of the necessariest meditations in the World.
  • All is solemn here, still as the convent, pure as the meditations of a novice.
  • The meditations of the dreadful sage Viswamitra are thus broken off.
  • Her meditations were broken by the sound of Jason's voice.
  • O might I live but to utter all my meditations on this most concerning point!
  • THE meditations of Ravenswood were of a very mixed complexion.
  • She was still absorbed in gloomy meditations when Mr. Saunders arose to go.
  • It was as the result of these meditations that he called at Lady Belcraft's.

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