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  • The melancholy person in his self-scrutiny becomes an intolerant tyrant to himself.
  • His friends might have completed the melancholy roll by writing under his name the same epitaph.
  • Gyuri was gazing with melancholy eyes at the canary, which was also silent now.
  • It was for him, at the same time, a melancholy disappointment and a poignant relief.
  • There was a deeper melancholy in her voice, and he thought how tired and ill she looked.
  • Their faces still wore a smile, but there was a melancholy earnestness in their eyes.
  • I said these words he gave another groan, deeper and more melancholy like than before.
  • The presentiment of evil which overshadowed me was deepened by the melancholy of Nature.
  • The sky was melancholy and grey, and the park lay before her, hushed and soundless.
  • Zorka grew tired of the sad, melancholy song, and began to dance wildly and passionately.
  • And in the melancholy greyness of the dawn he looked down into the street and wondered what the end would be.
  • There was the melancholy which belongs to tender years set in exquisite contrast to the prevailing mirth.
  • His father's pining melancholy meantime deepened into an abstraction of misery on her loss.
  • This spirit is represented in the picture as a beautiful female, with a sweet but melancholy expression of countenance.
  • We shut the windows and gave ourselves up to melancholy thoughts about the lost manuscript, the recovery of which now seemed utterly hopeless.
  • Powerless to stay the destruction, the settlers, huddled behind their defences, witnessed a melancholy sight.
  • Faded stuffed chairs and divans with soft cushions stood in melancholy symmetry around the room, the walls of which were hung with china silk.
  • My continued melancholy situation compels me, however, to write immediately what will bring me in sufficient money for present use.
  • At length a tall, meagre figure stalked in, and after an earnest and melancholy look at the fowl, retired with a sigh.
  • She was sorting ribbons with a somewhat melancholy face when Brian passed through the glass door and made his way to the counter.
  • The Irish are the jesters of the world, but their laughter is a screen for their hopeless hearts and the deep melancholy of their souls.
  • Sorrow was made for man, not for beasts; yet if men encourage melancholy too much, they become no better than beasts.
  • Crowned figure of great beauty, bearded, head slightly bent to left with a melancholy expression; hands gone.
  • However that may be, he continued on his way with melancholy resignation; while Brig viewed her coming with alarm.
  • How soon should the Pleasures of Melancholy throw this world of booksellers and printers into a bustle of business and delight!
  • She was a melancholy wreck of the old cheerful, bustling, exasperating Trimmer; and it was more than we could stand.
  • The Saxon melancholy in the vulgar rich and poor appears as gushes of ill-humor, which every check exasperates into sarcasm and vituperation.
  • I wandered around the castle of Nideck unable to find the exit from which I had commenced my melancholy journey.
  • I saw Bianca seated at a table; her back was towards me; she was warbling a soft melancholy air, and was occupied in drawing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Melancholy | Melancholy Sentence

  • How melancholy to have such a brother!
  • I felt this melancholy to be infectious.
  • He shook hands with a melancholy smile.
  • I felt sorry to have awoke these melancholy recollections in him.
  • In the distance sounded the melancholy notes of some pastoral flute.
  • The gloom and melancholy which beset me, momentarily increased.
  • He drank it at a single draught, and found his melancholy departed.
  • Owing to his melancholy temperament and gloomy fits, he made no friends.
  • The Manitos consulted what to do to assuage his melancholy and his wrath.
  • A jaded, melancholy man of fifty, barefooted, opened the door to me.
  • He can find nowhere to go but to some sorry Coffee-house, or melancholy Walk.

Definition of Melancholy

(literary) Affected with great sadness or depression. | (historical) Black bile, formerly thought to be one of the four "cardinal humours" of animal bodies. | Great sadness or depression, especially of a thoughtful or introspective nature.
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