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  • The member and his constituents.
  • Lady of our member, and mother of a large family.
  • A new member, and as sharp as needles.
  • He was a valued member, and his loss is keenly felt.
  • Dave was not a member and neither was Hiram Dobbs.
  • It is a member, and not the first, of a series of conceptions.
  • I saw our member and Tremlidge's head correspondent.
  • He was a charter member and treasurer of the Village Improvement Society.

How To Use Member And In A Sentence?

  • Of course there is all the difference in the world between a new member and an old.
  • He was at the head of every class of which he was a member and was graduated with first honors.
  • He was soon himself made a member, and from the first was distinguished in the Diet as a speaker.
  • A subordinate may, indeed, try its delinquent member, and if guilty declare him expelled.
  • But then the tongue is a onruly member and has to be curbed in, and I guess he means well.
  • Meanwhile Miss Sewell went straight towards the new member and held out her hand.
  • The kissing of the Mohammedan saint's member and of the Pope's toe are probably connected.
  • He was a Cabinet member, and a warm supporter of Gustavus Vasa, whose niece he married.
  • Suspension does not abrogate the connection between the member and his lodge, and places his rights in abeyance only.
  • Our purpose has been solely to exhibit some of the qualities which made him an eminent member and ornament of the legal profession.
  • He regarded him as a person of unsound intellect, who believed himself a member and the victim of some secret society.
  • This cockerel was apparently the musical member, and promised in a short time to rival his neighbour.
  • He was elected a member of the town council, and was distinguished as a leading member and orator of the guild.
  • Since then he has kept a closer guard over that unruly member and only unburdened himself in the seclusion of the Club.
  • He is maddened by the sense of men being maddened; his tongue becomes an unruly member, and testifies against all mankind.
  • I think since we have a thousand members, for each of the thousand to bring in one more member and make it a hundred per cent.
  • They control the whole constituency, put in the member, and in return monopolise the whole patronage of the place.
  • Each quota of electors is entitled to a member, and the transferring of votes enables the electors to group themselves into quotas of equal size.
  • York would undoubtedly return the expelled member, and he would again be refused a seat in the House.
  • Catching sight of Henry's arm as it was thrown up, he grabbed at the member and clung fast.
  • When the judge had finished, one minority member of the committee looked at his colleague, the other minority member, and winked.
  • This was after the parliamentary franks had been restricted to a certain number (ten) daily for each member, and limited in weight to two ounces.
  • My wife is a member, and a good one; in fact, she's so blame good that we average up pretty well.
  • In later Gothic the pinnacle became gradually a decorative member, and was used in all places merely for the sake of its beauty.
  • The boys listened in amazement to this record of courage on the part of its youngest member, and some seemed to doubt the Indian part of it.
  • In Savile Row he turned into a small literary club of which he was a member, and wrote a letter to his mother.
  • For many years a member and president of the Peace Society, he was not satisfied with exposing the evils of war.
  • There were also eight groups of burghs, each group electing one member, and two members were returned by the city of Edinburgh.
  • Thus it came to pass that the partnership was resumed on its old basis, with Billy as the predominant member and spokesman of the Firm.
  • He belongs to all of us; this club adopts him as its one honorary member; and I hereby propose three cheers for the biggest-hearted chap going.
  • Moreover, we are one body, and in this body one member suffers for every other member, and that, for the sole reason that we worship Christ.
  • The distinguishing difference between this and the preceding is in the tusk, which in this form of construction goes through the upright member, and is held by a cross key.
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