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  • And he kept its members from pillaging.
  • We have about twenty members, from five to thirteen years of age.
  • The New Haven Colony was founded in 1638 by wealthy church members from abroad.

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  • These were the scientists, artists and other members from the intellectual community.
  • Thither come older members from afar, especially those related to the candidates.
  • During term-time it is visited daily by members from perhaps every family in the district.
  • Members from the whole place were assembled, with the exception of the lords, or nobles.
  • The English House of Commons used to reject or admit members, from considerations of party.
  • Granges bring together members from all parts of the county and make them acquainted with one another.
  • Ejection of the members from the scanty subsistence which they derived from their collegiate endowments, was the first punishment.
  • The consequence is, an abrupt adjournment and a hurried and excited departure of the members from the hall.
  • This upper class is now steadily sending some of its members from country and town, to settle in the north.
  • It was constantly receiving members from the people, and constantly sending down members to mingle with the people.
  • The line in the ballot paper divides the eight candidates for election as members from those who were standing for election as suppleants only.
  • In a little while the members from the country asked permission to establish "dens" at various points in the county.
  • Mr. Adams then illustrates the powerful effect of such movements to overawe members from the free states.
  • The individual ministers were abolished, but a cabinet was formed out of a council of many members, from three to six for each department.
  • These amendments brought to the support of the measure the members from all those States, and the bill was passed.
  • It was composed of a board of commissioners consisting of two church members from each colony, who were to meet annually, or oftener if required.
  • She appointed the new members from the ranks of the conservative party, and, now without cabinet opposition, the marriage was celebrated.
  • Members of that shift were so treated that gradually they dropped out of the Dojokwai, and new members from that shift could not be secured.
  • Some have assumed that the President was no longer willing to tolerate the presence of two members from the same State.
  • Father Sturt, apprised of something uncommon by the exodus of members from the club, finally locked the doors and came to investigate.
  • In addition, a Council of Ireland was created, composed of an equal number of members from each of the two legislatures.
  • The members from Anderton Hall caught the fever, as was usual with neophytes, and regretted that their return was imperatively required.
  • The Hyacinth Club has the reputation of selecting its members from among the freshest and most active spirits in literature, science, and art.
  • These prospered and grew by the addition of new members from among the young folks who, though of the neighborhood, were yet outside of the connection.
  • Afterward the The next year (1807) the King departmental government proposes appointed the new members from four names.
  • By stipends and scholarships promising younger members from among the foreign-born groups should be encouraged to qualify as home teachers and as classroom and extension instructors in these fields.
  • Under the expulsion of many of its members from certain occupations by white competition, lately commenced and fast increasing, this drift now gathers strength.
  • The Nominating Committee shall consist of two members from each of the component organizations and they shall be appointed by the president.
  • Wilson spent much time and effort in defending his Cabinet members from attacks, and yet it was believed that he rarely appealed to them for advice in the formulation of policies.
  • They wanted them uniform in size all over the state, but there was some opposition, and the debate on this occasion was between the members from the mining counties on one side and the "cow" counties on the other.
  • If, however, the two senators vote on different sides of a question, the effect is the same as when, in the old congress, the members from a state were equally divided.
  • It would be the solemn duty of the United States to defend each one of its members from the violence which might thus have overthrown its legitimate government.
  • He was generally present at the meetings of the informal Club which, under different names, held meetings at the private houses of members, from 1836 to 1850.
  • A Supreme Tribunal shall be elected by the peoples and governments of every nation, where members from each country and government shall assemble in unity.
  • So long ago as 1892 the Social Democrats were publicly charged with condoning perjury in order to rescue fellow members from the results of breaches of the law.
  • It is certain that by no tribe of the United States was agriculture pursued to such an extent as to free its members from the practice of the hunter's or fisher's art.
  • The upper house, the Council of States (senate), the only body of the kind in Switzerland, is composed of two members from each canton.
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