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  • I have set them down before in the little memoir of her career already published.
  • I approve of the advice given in the annexed Memoir with regard to the Orphan Chamber.
  • Our limits will not allow of the relation of those campaigns in which the subject of this memoir filled a subordinate part.
  • I take it for granted that Gerard will treat my memoir as strictly confidential and will not publish it.
  • A memoir of his life with selections from his journals and correspondence, edited by his widow, was published in 1871.
  • In the course of the work, to which this memoir is prefixed, the reader will find these several objections victoriously answered.
  • It is certainly strange that no proper memoir of one so distinguished in arms as Wolfe has yet been written.
  • From a memoir by Dr. Hunt in the Report of the Geological Survey of Canada for 1876-7.
  • With regard to the pay books nothing need be observed here but that the instructions given in the annexed Memoir be carried out.
  • It is the memoir of a Boston merchant, who became distinguished for his great wealth, but more distinguished for the manner in which he used it.
  • The perusal of the memoir seems to have produced an impression upon the Colonial Secretary's mind.
  • Though we do not suggest that she misunderstood her friend, we are sure that the lady exhibited in the memoir is not the lady who reveals herself in the poems.
  • In 1853, a memoir of James Fontaine was published, accompanied by letters from members of his family.
  • The necessary changes in matters of history having been made, his volume might do duty as the biographical memoir of thousands of her contemporaries.
  • HILAIRE has read a memoir of some length to the Academy of Sciences, on an acephalous mummy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Memoir | Memoir Sentence

  • The memoir is not offered as a complete biography.
  • Has the memoir of Grostete ever appeared?
  • With a Memoir of the Authors.
  • With a Memoir and Portrait.
  • The author of the memoir of Crompton (see bibliography).
  • With Memoir by Cecil Headlam.
  • With a memoir by Mary Graham Bonner.
  • With a biographical memoir by Douglas V. Steere.
  • A Memoir of the Chetham Family, from original documents.
  • With a Memoir of the Author by his SON.
  • She died in middle age and her husband wrote a memoir of her.
  • This memoir has been published, and the subject of it was this very ant-eater.
  • Third Memoir of | The Egypt Exploration Fund.
  • Title: Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams.
  • With a Memoir of Goldsmith by Professor MASSON.
  • With a Memoir by F. T. PALGRAVE.
  • I. Memoir of the Literary Life of Frederick Von Schlegel.
  • Petrie, Sixth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund, part 2, pl.
  • Petrie, Sixth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund, part 2, fig.
  • Petrie, Sixth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund, part 2, pl.
  • With Memoir by the Rev. Prebendary COLERIDGE.
  • Petrie, Third Memoir of the Egyptian Exploration Fund, part 1, pl. 5, figs.
  • Petrie, Sixth Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund, part 2, pl. 5, fig.
  • With a Memoir by F.G. ELLERTON, M.A.
  • With a Memoir by F. G. ELLERTON, M.A.

Definition of Memoir

An autobiography; a book describing the personal experiences of an author. | A biography; a book describing the experiences of a subject from personal knowledge of the subject or from sources with personal knowledge of the subject. | Any form of narrative describing the personal experiences of a writer.
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