Menace In A Sentence

How To Use Menace In A Sentence?

  • The fact that concerned him now was that the greener continued to be a menace to his scheme.
  • Comest thou to menace me in my own halls, or wouldest thou warn me of a danger?
  • And with a gesture half menace and half drollery, she left the room as the attorney entered it.
  • Farm life makes a strong individual; it is a serious menace to the achievement of class power.
  • Blood-poisoning is to the surgeon a more constant menace than hunger to an Arctic explorer.
  • No, the danger which will menace it lies in timidity, prejudice, and half-measures.
  • Your menace has been, if you repeat this language, I will not walk with you again.
  • The lightninges blast, the thunders cracke, The billows menace nought save wracke.
  • The Electors of Treves and Mentz were frightened with the menace of a similar mode of war.
  • Then I saw how I could have Sidney Prale accused and remove the menace of his presence also.
  • They broke down utterly in the presence of those forces of evil which now menace the very fabric of civilization.
  • We have come to see that the latter may be as great a menace to the world as the former is a vital resource.
  • Probably there would have been more of this sort of thing had it not been for the constant menace of the Indians.
  • These last words were pronounced in a strange tone of menace as though he were supernaturally aware of some suspended disasters.
  • The building itself is not without merits, but its site is inconspicuous and the swampy nature of the soil is a constant menace to its durability.
  • Every sewer that is carried into a stream, every manure pile that drains into a water course is a menace to health.
  • Desultory outbreaks, of course, continued to menace the line and all forms of transportation for months afterwards.
  • It was a time when what few barriers exist on shipboard at best went down in the sharing of a common peril, the menace of the submarine.
  • The silent, nerve-racking menace of the canopied rock was quite as unbearable as the loud-mouthed threats of sea and reef.
  • He was buried with military honors by the British, but the menace which he stood for had happily been destroyed.
  • Bennet's eyes blazed with rage and menace as he thundered the last words at Eversleigh.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Menace | Menace Sentence

  • She was a menace to him.
  • The menace will be sufficient.
  • They are a standing menace to society.
  • With this menace she left the room.
  • This dreadful menace had the desired effect.
  • England would only give way before the menace of war.
  • These men, with their cigars, were a menace to the forest.
  • Mon enfant, un nouveau danger menace votre fils.
  • They are so overgrown now that they are a real menace to the forest.
  • The menace of separation fell on his head like a thunderbolt.
  • He keeps a continual tone and posture of menace to secure this his only point.
  • Quelle effrayante menace pour l'avenir de la race!
  • I predicted also that these payments would menace the national banking system.
  • It was a terrible voice, the cold, grating menace of a madman.
  • He grasped instantly the menace which the situation on the Clyde conjured up.
  • No new danger, that, but the eternal menace that she had always to dread....
  • And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.
  • And I'm afraid you don't know how serious a menace this Las Uvas gang is.
  • Ticonderoga's hundred cannon were silent under the menace of two.

Definition of Menace

(transitive) To make threats against (someone); to intimidate. | To threaten (an evil to be inflicted). | To endanger (someone or something); to imperil or jeopardize.
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