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  • Then he snarled menacingly in the face of the wind.
  • He shook his fist menacingly at Ralph.
  • He waved the cane menacingly after Meeker and slammed the door.
  • There was no answer and Boyce looked at Orren, laughing menacingly at him.
  • His lantern's single unkind eye was turned menacingly toward the bed.
  • He pointed menacingly with his cane at De Vilmarte's neat little signature.

How To Use Menacingly In A Sentence?

  • One look at the terrible white thing which loomed menacingly above him was enough.
  • His dark eyes blazed, and he raised his clutching hands menacingly above the two.
  • He avoided her, and then sprang forward so menacingly that she drew back shrieking in terror.
  • The figure paused, the eyes glittering menacingly in the light from the leaping flames.
  • He shouted menacingly at the Seminoles, who, he knew were bent on taking their trophy.
  • Burns thrust his red face, with its prognathic jaw, menacingly toward Kittrell.
  • Everything seemed to grow cold, as if she had become enveloped in one of those fogs that suddenly blow down menacingly from hidden icebergs.
  • Just ahead of them stood a great hulking bull with head lowered to the ground, his small eyes fixed menacingly on the girls.
  • The Bolo sleigh driver swore and the prisoner guard scowled menacingly at the brutal but baffled comrade.
  • With wonderful energy, he tore himself from them, and, producing something from one of his pockets, he held it menacingly up.
  • She turned menacingly toward Gus, who was looking from one angry woman to another as if greatly embarrassed and perplexed.
  • It was like a prison, I thought, and its black windows seemed to glower at us menacingly as we looked at them.
  • But a big, hulking Dutch frigate hovered in their rear, and thirty-two guns pointed their brown muzzles menacingly from her open port-holes.
  • When he reached the fourth he glanced menacingly at Max, who stood outside the circle, opposite where Susannah was sitting.
  • The captain turned and sought to discern the speaker, but the muzzle of a pistol was placed menacingly against his chest, and he was again ordered to be silent.
  • The man was looking out on the lake as he spoke, and did not see the flash of those black eyes, or the rage that curved those lips till the teeth gleamed menacingly through.

Definition of Menacingly

In a menacing manner.
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