Mending In A Sentence

Definition of Mending

present participle of mend | The act by which something is mended or repaired.

How To Use Mending In A Sentence?

  • Father held the garment up to the light and examined the mending with critical approval.
  • An object of this kind would be highly suitable for mending moccasins and leggins.
  • She also earned a little by mending the holes which the rats bit in the corn-sacks.
  • It is but a short-sighted policy to wait for the mending of matters that are bound to get worse.
  • They found him on this afternoon seated behind his counter mending an eight-day clock.
  • On the shelving beach naked brown men were mending their nets or pottering about their dwellings.
  • He was whistling some ditty, and busily mending his finger-nails with a little knife.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mending | Mending Sentence

  • Budsey was mending the fire.
  • You are mending daily.
  • What you mending our jackets for?
  • Sabina was mending a drag that had burned off.
  • He disliked mending fence.
  • Berta carried your mending basket.
  • They had no intention of mending their ways.
  • Vincent was mending one of his speaking dolls.
  • She was slowly but surely mending all that day.
  • Importance of practice in mending at school and at home.
  • He was mending a broken strap to his saddle.
  • A gang of prisoners were at work mending the seawall.
  • In the shadow of the house the man was mending the saddle.
  • In the hut was a young girl who was mending a net.
  • There was rapid mending after this, you may be sure.
  • Miss Minerva took up her mending again.
  • A mile away a man stood, mending a bow.
  • In things like dust-carts, and men mending roads?
  • Matters are mending at Wheal Caroline.
  • ANNE, a slim girl of sixteen, is mending the fire.
  • Emma finished the sleeve of the blouse she was mending with a flourish.
  • Things must be worse before they mend, and they are mending now.
  • I'm mending up the screens to those ventilating windows.
  • But what else besides mending shoes and farming did he know how to do?
  • Paper used for mending should be cut lengthwise with the grain of the paper.
  • And he is mending shoes there to this day, as happy as happy can be.
  • I've just finished mending your gown, on purpose.
  • They found the corporal busily at work mending a chair-bottom.
  • There is no time for mending in the bush, so we are often rather ragged.
  • It had been very sick, she explained, but the doctor said it was mending now.
  • He was standing beside his horse, evidently mending some part of the harness.
  • She was mending some of Sibyl's stockings.

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