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  • For mentally she was not altogether pleased with herself.
  • Can you mentally hear the squeak of a mouse?
  • By constitution I am mentally idle.
  • Jean looked him over and tagged him mentally with one glance.
  • I don't see him either mentally or physically as you do.
  • Herbert mentally voted his cousin a bumptious brat of a girl.
  • Clarence mentally demurred to this warm praise, but wisely held his peace.
  • A man so physically powerful, so mentally alert, was rich in possibilities.
  • Ronicky, a gambler himself, mentally flipped a coin and nodded to Jerry.
  • She decided mentally that Louise Caldwell would not fill his measure.
  • On every side, mentally as well as physically, I seemed baffled, hemmed in.
  • Why--He mentally shook himself.
  • Lenny couldn't communicate mentally with anyone except his brother Rafe.

How To Use Mentally In A Sentence?

  • In some respects an unusual boy, he was mentally no abler than many of his fellows.
  • Of course, persons who resort to such methods as these are, in most cases, mentally unsound.
  • Robert Grant Burns was reading rapidly, mentally photographing the scenes as he went along.
  • The author is himself mentally steeped in the softened colorings of the life he so deliciously depicts.
  • But when he saw there were but two of them he mentally cursed the four escorts who had so cowardly left him to his fate.
  • I admit that he represents physically and mentally a great deal of the intellectual impotence current in our time.
  • Boys in this country will marvel at the ease and rapidity with which mere tots can work calculations mentally in the course of their business.
  • Are you still without any questioning of your authorized, established methods of treating the mentally sick?
  • The picture he mentally drew was so satisfactory that he indulged in another hoarse hollow laugh that was ugly upon the ear.
  • Dalton mentally classified another example of the deep human need for verbal handles to lift unwieldy chunks of environment.
  • In truth, he would have supposed her mentally incapable of the kind of gambling finance these papers bore witness of.
  • She shook herself mentally and remembered that she ought to take off her hat; and she tried to fix her mind upon the pictures.
  • At that moment something happened that thrilled through his nerves and veins like an electric shock, and left him mentally stunned.
  • Unless we are readier after the war to learn from everyone, we shall, as a nation, be mentally moribund.
  • I mentally recorded that four-minute altitude, and resolved to see if any man there on that night stood in sufficient favor to achieve it.
  • The real persons to be pitied, he said, were the mentally or physically weak, whatever their parentage.
  • He had realized that physically and mentally I was at the lowest ebb and that only heroic measures could save me.
  • But, as it happened, comedy would creep into the mystery and horror, which she mentally lumped together as agony.
  • Keith mentally decided that she must be about sixteen or seventeen years old, and, from the glimpse he had caught of her, must be pretty.
  • Always cheerful and polite, a faithful worker, mentally quick, and liking his instructors, he had their entire good-will.
  • They did not know how tired I was, how exhausted mentally and morally, nor how cruel their convergent attack on me chanced to be.
  • I had pictured to myself a very dignified, bespectacled person, and I mentally stood in awe of his great learning.
  • Now Amelia looked about the room, and mentally displaced the furniture, as she had done so many times while she and her husband sat there together.
  • When he had been in the house an hour Mr. Wickersham was delighted with him, and mentally decided to secure him for his agent.
  • I am writing for those who are mentally alert and willing to support plays that have at least the dignity of intention which lies in our best novels.
  • To the student I say, study the shapes into which simple bars of iron can be beaten, both mentally and by observing well-formed works.
  • To understand the present organization of the cotton industry the reader must begin by mentally separating the commercial from the industrial functions.

Definition of Mentally

In a mental manner; an idea thought out in one's mind, as opposed to an idea spoken orally.
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