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  • The messenger knows where she is to be found.
  • And he sent the messenger back again.
  • He told the messenger to hurry.
  • Within half an hour the messenger returned.
  • The messenger had gone when the two rode from the house.
  • A messenger boy at once, of course.
  • We posted the messenger off on a hunt for Daniel.
  • As yet she was the appointed messenger of Heaven.
  • Now that rascal Knapwurst, he is a sure messenger of ill.
  • Yet in one house that awful blow was found to be a messenger of mercy.
  • If this thing be so, he will quickly meet some messenger with the news.
  • And if the messenger has gone back I shall have to guide you.
  • In the mean time day declined, and no messenger returned from Tusculum.
  • But King's men treated the messenger to open scorn and sent him packing.
  • I know not what, but doubt That he's the messenger of some ill news.

How To Use Messenger In A Sentence?

  • I felt convinced that he was no proper person to be a messenger to headquarters.
  • A messenger was at once dispatched to the hall with a note of apology for their abrupt departure.
  • These presents being signed and sealed, a messenger was sought for their delivery.
  • The messenger of the gods, he flits before them, a heavenly ambassador to mortals.
  • A messenger was despatched to Scullabogue with a command to immolate the prisoners.
  • I shall wait for you in Khinjan, whither my messenger shall show the way.
  • Nor was he alone in this, for the messenger would be Dixie; but no one said a word.
  • The messenger found Lieutenant Horton pacing the quarterdeck with hurried steps.
  • The letter was folded and directed, and the messenger departed again For Tusculum.
  • Here was a messenger sent from God, sent to France in the hour of her direst need.
  • The Princess's first messenger had arrived, and demanded admittance in her Highness's name.
  • The royal messenger had been incontinently kicked overboard by B. McGuffey, Esquire.
  • A messenger coming with a letter to him from the sheikh was so imprudent as to deliver it to him when he was drunk.
  • The messenger would often run for miles without resting so as to deliver the letters as soon as possible.
  • This is the only case on record of a pony messenger failing to respond to duty, unless killed or disabled.
  • So while he waited for an answer he sent his cattle ahead of him, and every day as he rode he watched for a messenger from home.
  • An express delivery messenger has been used, ere now, for the convoy of a traveller from point to point in a town unknown to him or her.
  • Bicycles and tricycles are now delivered for the public from any telegraph office in Bristol and district by special messenger at a fee of 3d.
  • In this frame of mind I stepped out of the close house into the open air, when a messenger brought a letter for me.
  • I rode to the camp where the wives were, with the Khan and a number of men on foot and on horseback, a messenger having been sent in advance.
  • Meanwhile give my greetings to your brother; I began writing to him, but the messenger who is to take this letter along is in a hurry.
  • But they had hardly seated themselves before the living-room fire when a messenger arrived with word that McCloud was wanted at the river.
  • By means of this agency the Post Office distributes by express messenger 300,000 letters and parcels annually.
  • And I preferred to spend whatever I could procure in advancing the business rather than in despatching a messenger to you.
  • Then the people sent a messenger to Ee-eetoy, to his home on Mohahdheck, asking him to kill for them this man-eagle.

Definition of Messenger

(transitive) To send something by messenger. | One who brings messages. | (nautical) A light line with which a heavier line may be hauled e.g. from the deck of a ship to the pier.
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