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  • It was purely a Messianic uprising.
  • Consequently, a messianic pendant was attached to it (ix.
  • The Pharisee cherished the Messianic hope.
  • Messianic And Other Types.
  • In allusion to His claim to be the Messianic Prophet.
  • The believers in the Messianic advent were radical to the point of fanaticism.
  • The earliest form of the Messianic doctrine is completely distanced.
  • He was at heart a Messianic believer, though not in that style.
  • The popular aspect of the Messianic hope was political, not religious or moral.
  • And this is all there is to Old Testament Messianic prophecy.
  • His translation of the alleged "Messianic promise" in Genesis iii.
  • The very word "kingdom," as denoting a visible Messianic reign, is dropped.
  • It is an ideal, a desire, a hope, as the Messianic Zionism was and is.

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  • For the germs of the Messianic idea were contained in the bosom of that persuasion.
  • The earliest phases of the Messianic hope were the most exalted in spirituality.
  • Thus the messianic Redemption is a redemption from a system issuing in sin and death.
  • A graver cause of its unpopularity was its failure to lay stress on its Messianic idea.
  • The Messianic hope had such vitality that it condensed into moments the moral results of ages.
  • About the Messianic hope, which appears to have inspired them, he is compulsorily silent.
  • A Messianic believer he continued to be, but to the end as little as at first, in that style.
  • Their ambition flew low, fluttering round sparkling jewels on the Messianic crown.
  • The strict monotheism of the Hebrew faith is sacrificed to the Messianic conception.
  • Judaism contributed the social ideal: the messianic hope of a world-wide Kingdom of God.
  • There follows (v. 2-9, 10-15) a messianic prophecy, in which an allusion to Isa.
  • The belief in the approach of the Messianic kingdom was undoubtedly one of the mainsprings of the revolt.
  • In time the picture of the Messianic king came to include the attributes of the prophet and the priest.
  • But the chronicler's types are not all prophecies of future progress or Messianic glory.
  • The Messianic hope was strong in these people; all the stronger on account of their political degradation.
  • But the history of the growth of the Messianic idea supplies a correction to the primitive baldness of this principle of salvation by the state.
  • Was it not their duty, when anyone came forward with Messianic pretensions, to judge whether or not his claim was just?
  • The exclusive association of Messianic ideas with a single family emphasises their antiquity, continuity, and development.
  • We have at present simply to inquire into the character of the Messianic hope as it was illustrated in the ante-Pauline period.
  • To the latter class belongs the famous messianic oracle, ix. 1-7, which is very imperfectly connected (by changes in viii.
  • There is a direct connection between this messianic hymn to Dungi and the remarkable Epic of Paradise.
  • It is mainly in reference to Messianic days that we find this ethical and personal relation to the Spirit of God.
  • It allows its Zionism to be pervaded, to a certain extent, by Messianic reminiscences, and blends it with religious emotions.
  • He omits, for other reasons, the Messianic prophecies of Balaam, which would not be pleasing to the Flavians.
  • It is probable that the Christ, living and expecting to live, contemplated the establishment of his Messianic dominion in Palestine.
  • Most of the prophecies of the golden age are, however, alien to their context, and the unmediated transition from the unsparing predictions of judgment to these messianic idylls makes them suspicious.
  • In the first place, Marx was not even remotely a Jew by religion, and therefore the Messianic motive is scarcely likely to have weighed with him.
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