Messy In A Sentence

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  • And this was a particularly messy mess.
  • They are messy things at best.
  • The messy little rascal!
  • We got fairly messy last winter after Christmas.
  • And the needles dropped down so messy too, and spoiled the grass.

How To Use Messy In A Sentence?

  • The place was not merely messy and dirty, but in a state of psychotic disorder.
  • Before them are empty tin biscuit-boxes full of sand, in which are stuck messy little tapers.
  • He had carried Tinker Bell part of the way, and his hand was still messy with the fairy dust.
  • There were no defined clouds, yet so thickly were the heavens covered by a messy cloud-pall that the sun failed to shine through.
  • We saw enough when we beheld the post the poor kids and goats are tied to, all messy and horrid from the last sacrifice.
  • Fortunately, as we have mentioned, one of his hands was messy with it, and he blew some on each of them, with the most superb results.
  • He mixed the messy stuff, cow-dung and lime and water and earth, carefully with his hands, as if he understood that too.
  • Where it's all gitting messy and misty; the boollyvard trees is all brown, Them as ain't gone as yaller as mustard.
  • Instead of bacon, chops, steak, or Frankfurters may be roasted, as well as corn in season, but bacon is the least messy to eat.

Definition of Messy

(of a place, situation, person, etc) In a disorderly state; chaotic; disorderly. | (of a person) Prone to causing mess. | (of a situation) Difficult or unpleasant to deal with.
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