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  • The metallurgy of tin is very simple.
  • Coal is the key to metallurgy and oil to transit.
  • These facts make the metallurgy of mercury very simple.

How To Use Metallurgy In A Sentence?

  • A slight superiority in metallurgy has been the deciding factor in many a battle.
  • Among the arts, pottery and mat-making, metallurgy and tool-making are of ancient date.
  • Practically all the lead of commerce is made from galena, two general methods of metallurgy being in use.
  • The new managers had seen that carriage by steam was soon to follow, and open up to metallurgy an entirely new horizon.
  • De Re Metallica" was the standard manual of mining and metallurgy for 180 years.
  • The metallurgy of each metal presents peculiarities of its own, but there are several methods of general application which are very frequently employed.
  • It is obtained as a by-product in the metallurgy of lead: PbS + Fe = FeS + Pb.
  • In the course of the metallurgy of zinc the cadmium compounds undergo chemical changes quite similar to those of the zinc compounds, and the cadmium distills along with the zinc.
  • There is no system, and the treatment of ores is of necessity handed over to the tender mercies of men who have not even an idea of what an intricate science metallurgy has become in older countries.
  • Since the metallurgy of the three elements is so similar, however, and since they resemble each other so closely in chemical properties, it is convenient to class them together for study.

Definition of Metallurgy

The science of metals; their extraction from ores, purification and alloying, heat treatment, and working.
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