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  • Their metamorphosis is unknown.
  • The metamorphosis was perfect.
  • When and how had this metamorphosis come about?
  • The metamorphosis was magical.
  • How wonderful the metamorphosis in all around him!
  • Still how did the perfect metamorphosis arise?
  • Metabolous: undergoing metamorphosis or transformation.
  • Insects, metamorphosis of, 166.
  • Indirect: applied to metamorphosis = complete.
  • Direct: applied to metamorphosis = incomplete.
  • St. Patrick, what a metamorphosis is this?
  • Goodsir, Mr., on the metamorphosis of Cirripedes, 9, 16.
  • Experience does not teach the decay but the metamorphosis of individuality.
  • But, luckily for me, no such metamorphosis happened to that little mouse.
  • A strange Metamorphosis of Man, transformed into a Wildernesse.

How To Use Metamorphosis In A Sentence?

  • Was she the one to bring about the metamorphosis which her mother so confidently predicted?
  • This double metamorphosis cost thirty thousand francs more than her husband had anticipated.
  • In the inferior races and lower animals this obscure metamorphosis is still more apparent.
  • The doctrine of metamorphosis of parts soon came to be regarded as of fundamental importance.
  • All that he needs for his metamorphosis is an airy lodging, free from permanent damp.
  • But that silent, motionless body is not dead; an astonishing metamorphosis is taking place.
  • Speke suggests the idea of botanical metamorphosis even more powerfully than Smithills.
  • Archiptera: those Neuroptera with incomplete metamorphosis = Pseudo-neuroptera.
  • Hence you may conclude that the metamorphosis to which you invite me would perhaps be more agreeable to you than to me.
  • To such an extent does the metamorphosis reach, that very often they are scarcely recognisable.
  • This sudden metamorphosis in the manners of the stranger was so striking that the baron recoiled a step.
  • It was then nine o'clock, and the metamorphosis of sunset had commenced in solemn earnest.
  • Nothing effects so great a metamorphosis in the bearing of the outer man, as a sudden change of fortune.
  • Metabola: insects with a complete metamorphosis in which the larva does not resemble the adult, and the pupa is quiescent.
  • The latter, to be serviceable for the purpose, should be cut into the rude shapes of horses before the metamorphosis can take place.
  • The resemblance is carried out in the form of the egg, the mode of growth of the embryo, and the metamorphosis of the insect after leaving its egg.
  • She had always thought that directly you were married, you felt quite different, but no wonderful metamorphosis had come about so far.
  • It is compelled by a direct mandate of God to undergo this metamorphosis as a punishment, and means of atonement.
  • The metamorphosis of Arachne is merely one of the half-playful aetiological myths of which we have seen examples all over the world.
  • Manometabola: with a slight or gradual metamorphosis and without a resting stage; e.g. the Orthoptera.
  • In Ovid we have Narcissus, the metamorphosis of a youth who fell a victim to love of his own corporeal form.
  • This metamorphosis has been held to separate the amphibian type from the reptile because no existing reptile develops gills or undergoes a metamorphosis.
  • Their age is but a development of the Baconian germs; every one of their systems is a metamorphosis of Baconian philosophy.
  • First, the various colonial governments have been considered, and some features of their metamorphosis into our modern state governments have been described.
  • The only way in which he could explain the metamorphosis was that the guests were imbued with the spirit of discontent that prevailed throughout the world in the years following the war.

Definition of Metamorphosis

A transformation, such as one performed by magic. | A noticeable change in character, appearance, function or condition. | (biology) A change in the form and often habits of an animal after the embryonic stage during normal development. (e.g. the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly or a tadpole into a frog.)
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