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  • Any metaphor silenced him.
  • The metaphor was fiendishly beautiful.
  • The metaphor is taken from the mill or from the bakery.
  • Doth the virtue consist in the metaphor or in the man?
  • But the same metaphor is contained in single words.
  • This metaphor is really due to a mistake.
  • The metaphor refers to a miner, the gold is beneath.
  • This is, of course, a metaphor from hunting.
  • The metaphor of law is, in brief, misleading.
  • Its principal, not only, means, are metaphor and allegory.
  • The metaphor is derived from Rev. xii.
  • As Gesenius says of the metaphor in Numbers xxiv.
  • The professor took up the metaphor and cast it back upon the doctor.
  • Each tribe presented its claims, and metaphor shouldered metaphor.
  • I started the chapter with the metaphor of Procrustes's bed.
  • But, but ..." He searches for a metaphor and finds it with a smile.

How To Use Metaphor In A Sentence?

  • He will not find a metaphor or an observation introduced merely for the purposes of ornament.
  • And this mangling of metaphor is to teach us the qualities of a profound and practical mind.
  • Such a hardening of metaphor into dogma is one of the commonest phenomena of religious thought.
  • The two young men who had just come in doubtless considered the metaphor too bold.
  • Parts of speech are metaphors, because the whole of nature is a metaphor of the human mind.
  • We speak of an unfortunate enterprise as "ill-starred," and the metaphor is clear.
  • He seldom made use of metaphor or imagery, or elaborate periods, or variety of gesture.
  • But all this longer statement of an obvious view comes back to the metaphor I have employed.
  • Here again Dr. Kuyper puts metaphor in the place of reasoning; a truly Eastern mode of discussion.
  • The scholiast sees in the removal of the rib from the mountain a metaphor for the removal of a syllable from the hexameter.
  • They elaborate throughout the metaphor of a bee-hive with its industrious insects and its store of intellectual honey.
  • Many persons of historical importance employed the phoenix to express in metaphor the idea they wished to convey regarding themselves.
  • Has not metaphor been sounded through every note of its key-board, to strike out all that is base whereunto to liken it?
  • What a curious compound must be the man who is capable of such a strange, beautiful metaphor and yet remain a savage!
  • My wealth of metaphor brought him to a stand-still, with his cigarette between his fingers and a grin beneath his shining eyes.
  • We speak of our passions or emotions being "kindled," taking the metaphor from the common action of lighting a fire.
  • To use a metaphor from the cricket-field, it was time "to stop the rot" by sending in a really strong player.
  • The stars by a far-fetched metaphor are said to be concealed, though not extinguished, just as the light of a dark lantern is shut off by a slide.
  • If, in modern times, we were to say that the universe is a harmonious whole, we should understand that we are merely using a metaphor from music.
  • We say that a man's ideas are "luminous," thus taking a metaphor from physical light.
  • Well, maybe Marise's metaphor had something in it, for all it was so flowery and high-falutin.
  • To shift the metaphor slightly, the Empire could afford to leave no unwatched pots around to boil over unexpectedly.
  • Of course we may use the metaphor of youth about America or the colonies, if we use it strictly as implying only a recent origin.
  • Parable and apophthegm and answer, metaphor and plain speech, when used by Him, are all impregnated with this power.

Definition of Metaphor

(intransitive) To use a metaphor. | (transitive) To describe by means of a metaphor. | (uncountable and countable, rhetoric) The use of a word or phrase to refer to something that it is not, invoking a direct similarity between the word or phrase used and the thing described (but in the case of English without the words like or as, which would imply a simile); the word or phrase used in this way; an implied comparison.
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