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  • The metaphysical sword.
  • I do not think his mind was of a metaphysical cast.
  • The Stoics denied the metaphysical reality of concepts.
  • What is the metaphysical being who prevents me from slaying myself?
  • Pure metaphysical abstraction does not belong to these matters.
  • These are not moral and practical, but metaphysical reasons.
  • It is an exact physical parallel to the metaphysical principle of Becoming.
  • His metaphysical drama, "The Moon of Knowledge," saw the light in 1869.
  • One can't help moralising; one falls on the metaphysical vein unaware.

How To Use Metaphysical In A Sentence?

  • As a metaphysical possibility evil was recognised through its unfathomable nature.
  • The paper was the result of an invitation on the part of some of his metaphysical opponents.
  • The metaphysical qualities that come into play erode such morning somnambulations.
  • He had an inquiring mind, and a singularly early turn for metaphysical speculation.
  • Nor has this doctrine been confined to such metaphysical reasoners as Andrew Baxter.
  • Very brief mention of a lesbian couple in a sappy metaphysical novel about Lost Atlantis.
  • Our author further combats the idea of substance by appealing to the metaphysical difficulties that it suggests.
  • The physician will welcome the methods of treatment without reference to metaphysical systems or to religious beliefs.
  • This is the common habit of all so-called educated people who have no metaphysical aptitude and no metaphysical training.
  • I asked, determined not to allow her to bemuse or escape me with her metaphysical talk and illustrations.
  • But to get that, a more thorough logical and metaphysical preparation is needed than is usually supposed necessary.
  • This book is a very metaphysical treatise on theories of government and the duties of citizens to the law, each other, and themselves.
  • His speculative genius gave to this scheme a metaphysical background, his logical acumen elaboration and defence.
  • Politics, literature, philosophy he discussed with a metaphysical subtilty marvellous in one so young.
  • Even the outside shell of the plan is but half given, and the double action of the metaphysical intention entirely ignored.
  • I never trouble myself with vain researches, and combinations, and developments, and metaphysical analysings.
  • It is these launching tentatives which bring phenomena to interior and metaphysical tests and bear the mind swift-winged to Nature.
  • And, moreover, however highly artistic or however subtly metaphysical are our pleasures, they all depend on manual labour.
  • Mr. Baxter, acute and metaphysical as he was, placed the argument substantially on the same ground.
  • What to-day is called metaphysical teaching was in the Alcott period scoffed at as Transcendentalism.
  • But what was for Socrates merely regulative of thought, Plato now transforms into a metaphysical substance.
  • Hence the real terram, aquam, aerem, and ignem, become rather a metaphysical abstraction, than a real entity.
  • For their difficulty was not a practical but a metaphysical one; and their conception of falsehood was really impaired and weakened by a metaphysical illusion.
  • The Metaphysical argument is sufficient to remove preliminary objections, the Moral argument furnishes a presumptive proof.
  • The dramatic power of the dialogues of Plato appears to diminish as the metaphysical interest of them increases (compare Introd.
  • The later philosophers explained this myth by a variety of metaphysical interpretations, in which the god is said to contain the all in himself, and again to reproduce it.
  • There are some metaphysical ideas so abstract, so abstruse, that it is almost impossible to express them at all without the use of figures of speech.
  • But this did not mean in the slightest that it accepted in principle the metaphysical theory of democracy, based on extra-historical, super-class rights.
  • Our teacher was a scholar of philosophy with the rarest gift of sinking himself emotionally, as well as with intellect, into the metaphysical system of the philosopher he studied.
  • The races of men rise out of the ground preoccupied with a thought which rules them, and divided into parties ready armed and angry to fight for this metaphysical abstraction.
  • Considering the tendency of metaphysical inquiries, it may be urged that it is well to avoid preliminary criticism of the current conceptions and beliefs about reality which these sciences imply.

Definition of Metaphysical

Of or pertaining to metaphysics. | Being an adherent of the philosophy of metaphysics. | Immaterial, supersensual, not physical (more properly, "beyond" that which is physical).
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