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  • The chief method is by speech.
  • This method also is largely used.
  • Harry's method of scouting was peculiar.
  • So far as we are informed this method never has come into practical use.
  • If so, may we not doubt whether he has taken the best method to solve it?
  • As distinguished from this is the impedance-coil method which is shown in Fig.
  • The latter method is principally that of Dolbear and Edison.
  • I messed on the method of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt with another officer.

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  • Is it possible to conceive of a better method of obscuring a subject than such a course?
  • At the end of the thirteenth century the scholastic method was far from having run its career.
  • There was but little unanimity however, as to the best method of disposing of them.
  • We shall merely remark in passing, that it owes its existence to a false method of philosophizing.
  • Telephones actually displaced telegraphic apparatus in the exchange method of working in America.
  • Another interesting method of current supply from a central-office battery is shown in Fig.
  • The method of feeding current to the line from the common battery, shown in Fig.
  • For our method of tackling each and all is one which neither he nor any other creature will ever escape in triumph.
  • Examples of this method of telephone transmission are more familiar to later practice in the form of condenser receivers.
  • There must be method and policy and all sorts of team-pulling and log-rolling until you get started.
  • Indeed it may be said that this simple method of indicating relationship between statements is one of the most useful devices of composition.
  • This method perhaps struck me as the more complete because it left her the leisure for a frantic attempt to anticipate our every wish.
  • From this vein of thought he naturally passed to a consideration of every possible method by which the issue he feared might be avoided.
  • Such instruments are commonly called bridging instruments, on account of the method of connecting their bells across the circuit of the line.
  • As an example of the effective experimental method employed, we may specially mention the device for illustrating the refraction of light.
  • The method commonly employed of associating the pole pieces with each other and with the permanent magnets is shown in Fig.
  • He laughed at her, and told her that he had abandoned the modern method of winning a mate, and gone back to the primitive mode.
  • They are not only an aid to the pupil, but to the teacher, lightening the task of each by an agreeable, easy, and natural method of instruction.
  • The method is hardly commercial, as it is difficult to make a neat appearing cell, besides making it almost impossible to manipulate its contents.
  • This impedance-coil method seems to present the advantage of greater simplicity over the repeating-coil method shown in Fig.
  • The Supreme Ruler of the world adopts this method to promote that moral goodness which cannot be produced by the direct omnipotency of his power.
  • It is to assume that the established method is the best, and therefore should not have been superseded by another; but this is the very point in dispute.
  • Another method of amalgamating zincs is to clean them by dipping them in dilute sulphuric acid and then in mercury, allowing the surplus to drain off.
  • We must admit this hypothetical element, which we cannot get rid of by an assumption that we have already discovered the method to which all philosophy must conform.
  • The question has been asked, whether the method of 'abscissio infinti,' by which the Sophist is taken, is a real and valuable logical process.
  • If we may judge from the practical effect of doctrines, then the authors of the objection in question do not take the best method to inculcate the lesson of humility.
  • Nowhere, it is believed, can a more striking illustration of the truth of these pregnant words be found, than in the method adopted by necessitarians.
  • This method of opposites has supplied new instruments of thought for the solution of metaphysical problems, and has thrown down many of the walls within which the human mind was confined.
  • His method is to introduce an induction coil between the line and the transmitter, its function being to translate the variation of the direct current controlled by the transmitter into true alternating currents.
  • In both telegraphy and telephony, there is a length of line with a given kind and size of wire and method of construction over which it is just possible to send intelligible speech or intelligible signals.
  • But although this has been the usual method of treating the subject in question, such weakness and dogmatizing is self-imposed, and not an inevitable condition of the human mind.
  • This cell employs a chemical method of taking care of polarization, the depolarizing agent being peroxide of manganese, which is closely associated with the carbon element.

Definition of Method

(transitive) to apply a method | (casting, by extension, transitive) to apply particular treatment methods to a mold | (skateboarding, snowboarding) Ellipsis of method air.
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