Mice In A Sentence

How To Use Mice In A Sentence?

  • The plans of men and mice gang oft agley, Kirby!
  • Hickory, dickory, dock, Full of mice is the clock!
  • A study of the California jumping mice of the genus Zapus.
  • Revision of the mice of the American Genus Peromyscus.
  • And Mice and Rats have rid him from the World.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mice | Mice Sentence

  • The mice disturbed me again.
  • The mice will leave the premises.
  • But now the mice had played enough.
  • The mice have eaten the cheese.
  • For where he had slept the mice were many.
  • And the mice never forgot it.
  • And mice begin to creep.
  • Those mice must have been fond of music!
  • The wild mice we rarely see.
  • All of the mice were in wet marshy places.
  • Hibernating jumping mice in woodchuck dens.
  • Five or six mice were now busy at their dinner.
  • No mice were caught in three nights of trapping.
  • All the field mice of my acquaintance are true and tender.
  • No, not while there are any rats or mice around.
  • Rats and mice spring round the room in vain.
  • And mice walked soft and spiders slept.
  • The mice looked at one another and nobody spoke.
  • Like the grasshoppers, the mice devoured everything.
  • Then the mice came, and dug a hole in the wall.
  • As soon as it was dawn, the mice retired to their holes.
  • And well may the little mice shiver in their poor retreats!
  • The mice might dance on her and she would never catch one.
  • The Mice will eat your cheese.
  • In the pantry wall, the little mice were all wide-awake.
  • One by one six fat sleek mice passed through the trap door.
  • But kill'd the mice in his father's barn.
  • Bagaoas, for the rice crop; against mice and drouth.
  • Why do the mice sing, and the monkeys, and the woodchucks?
  • These mice were in age-categories 3, 4, and 5.
  • After the mice descended Iden did sleep for a few minutes.
  • The "restless rottens" and mice need little introduction.
  • Home ranges of deer mice in southern Arkansas.
  • The food of mice and shrews in a Colorado montane forest.
  • O, the mice have died, John.

Definition of Mice

plural of mouse
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