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  • The micrometer was a further advance in exact measurement.
  • The objectclamp is raised vertically by a micrometer screw.
  • They are all provided with fine adjustment by micrometer screw.
  • By means of the Filar Micrometer (Ramsden's micrometer eyepiece).

How To Use Micrometer In A Sentence?

  • Adjust the micrometer on the stage of the microscope and accurately focus the divisions.
  • Place the filar micrometer and the stage micrometer in their respective positions.
  • The adjustments of the objectives are accomplished by rack and pinion and by micrometer screw.
  • Focus the scale of each micrometer accurately, and make the lines on them parallel.
  • Once adjusted in this way the micrometer values are the same for all the eye lenses of the combination.
  • Note the optical combination employed in this experiment and record it with the calculated micrometer value.
  • Observation through the eikonometer shows its micrometer scale superposed on the image of the stage micrometer.
  • Insert the eyepiece micrometer inside the ocular and adjust the stage micrometer on the stage of the microscope.
  • Place a stage micrometer divided into hundredths of a millimetre on the microscope stage and focus accurately.
  • Rotate the head of the micrometer screw until the movable line has transversed one division of the stage micrometer.
  • Focus the scale of the stage micrometer accurately; the lines will appear to be immediately below those of the eyepiece micrometer.
  • Coarse adjustment by rack and pinion, fine adjustment by micrometer screw with graduated head.
  • This device may be so adjusted as to move the micrometer disc any number of teeth from one to ten with each sweep of the knife.
  • Note the optical combination employed in this experiment and record it carefully, together with the micrometer value in terms of mu.
  • In many cases the orifice is a rectangular slot in a brass plate and is adjusted by means of a brass slide operated by a micrometer screw.
  • Rotate the screw of the filar micrometer until the movable wire coincides with the fixed one, and the index marks zero on the drum head.
  • Calculate the value of each division of the eyepiece micrometer in terms of mu, by means of the following formula: x = 10 y.
  • You see, Jervis, we have photographed the thumb-print in contact with a numbered micrometer divided into square twelfths of an inch.
  • Before the invention of the micrometer exactitude was impossible, because the adjustment of the instrument depended on the discrimination of the naked eye.
  • With each return of the knife-carrier to the end of its track pressure is made upon an adjustable lever which regulates the motion of the micrometer wheel.
  • The micrometer is now regarded as an indispensable appliance in the observatory; the use of a spider web reticule instead of wire having improved its efficiency.
  • Project the scale of the stage micrometer on to a piece of paper and with pen or pencil sketch in the magnified image, each division of which corresponds to 10 mu.
  • A micrometer consists of a short tube, across the opening of which are stretched two parallel wires; these being intersected at right angles by a third.
  • It is a small piece of apparatus resembling an eyepiece, with a sliding eye lens, which can be accurately focussed on a micrometer scale fixed within the instrument.
  • The stand is inclinable and fitted with revolving centering stage, coarse adjustment by rack and pinion, fine adjustment by micrometer screw with scale.
  • The value of one division of the micrometer scale must first be ascertained for each optical combination by the aid of the stage micrometer, thus: 1.
  • The value of each graduation on the drum (about 1/20 of the micrometer value of the objective) must be determined for each combination of ocular and objective by means of the stage micrometer.

Definition of Micrometer

A device used to measure distance very precisely but within a limited range, especially depth, thickness, and diameter.
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