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  • I will show you some under the microscope one day.
  • A telescope or microscope might reveal them.
  • Every one ought to have a microscope in his home.
  • The microscope has poured a flood of light on disease.
  • So little it almost requires a microscope to see it.
  • I contain works of art and a microscope and books.
  • And now let us turn the microscope upon ourselves.
  • Now let us leave the microscope and go outdoors.
  • Seen through the microscope it is a miracle of order and beauty.
  • The microscope reveals as great a world below as the telescope above.
  • The microscope is certainly the best friend that a scientist can have.
  • I believe it sprang originally out of the old microscope difficulty.
  • The microscope does not create anything new, but it reveals marvels.
  • Now let me have that little microscope of yours," he continued.

How To Use Microscope In A Sentence?

  • The honour of the medical profession and the prestige of the microscope had to be upheld.
  • He was almost wild with enthusiasm at the new world which the microscope revealed.
  • Darkness is the microscope of the imagination, and it magnifies a million times!
  • The microscope has told us plainly that these fundamental principles are based upon machinery.
  • The telescope makes the world smaller; it is only the microscope that makes it larger.
  • The microscope shows that chalk is almost wholly a product of very small organized shells.
  • A student took his microscope to examine insects, and allowed Pasteur to look through it.
  • This postulate cannot be influenced by the fact that the microscope has been unable to detect the character of most of these changes.
  • Science is indebted to the microscope for the solution of very many problems that for ages before had puzzled philosophers.
  • The structure of a piece of sponge when examined under a microscope is a wonderfully complicated fabric.
  • The range of observations in investigations of written documents with the microscope is a broad one.
  • We must admit that the disclosures of the modern microscope have complicated rather than simplified this problem.
  • Without a doubt the microscope is the most advantageous and most efficacious apparatus that a scientist has ever invented and constructed.
  • Charley drew from his pocket the little microscope he used in his class in botany in the high school.
  • It is examined under the microscope to see of what kind of fibers it is made and how much loading has been used in its manufacture.
  • While engorging herself with our blood, we will examine under the microscope the mosquito's mouth.
  • Drawings were made on millimeter ruled paper while the baculum was viewed under a binocular microscope with a square ruled eyepiece.
  • In a scientific matter the observations of a beginner would not carry weight as against those of a man who had used a microscope for many years.
  • But when your life's end is shown to you on a microscope slide, love becomes less important.
  • Here too, of course, research may be carried to the subtlest details and the microscope has to tell the full story.
  • The microscope showed also among these thread-like bodies other organisms that were like small circular black specks, or disks.
  • Subjected to the microscope of science, the whole basis of the Christian church evaporates into thin mist.
  • It took an electron microscope to do it, but he found a virus in the blue patches which matched the type discovered on Tralee.
  • The forester took the microscope and examined the charred fragment, handing both, when he had finished, to Lew.
  • We have no right to say that where the destruction cannot be seen under the microscope there is no organic change and the disturbance is therefore only a psychical one and can be removed by mental means.
  • No such compound has been discovered, and these disclosures of the microscope of the last few years have been such as to lead us to abandon hope of ever discovering such a compound.

Definition of Microscope

To examine with a microscope, to put under a microscope (literally or figuratively). | An optical instrument used for observing small objects. | Any instrument for imaging very small objects (such as an electron microscope).
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