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  • He told them what they might expect of him.
  • Lablache might expect no mercy.
  • It was such a sign of what she might expect.
  • He might expect the worst from these.
  • She knew well what she might expect from them.
  • They made it plain that he might expect no mercy.
  • What womanhood she might expect was slow in coming to her.
  • No one knew how much opposition he might expect.
  • From him the young priest might expect a warm welcome.
  • I but wanted ye to know what ye might expect in a wife.
  • It was what one might expect to happen to Peter.
  • That was an opening one might expect from Allen.
  • Quite what one might expect from a born Englishman.
  • It's what you might expect.
  • Wasn't that just what one might expect?
  • I gave you full warning as to what you might expect out here.
  • Who was he that he might expect from her anything more than ordinary civility?
  • It lacked an hour and more of the time at which she might expect her father.
  • It's what we might expect of a successful miner.
  • No man now might expect any mercy who should flee from his post of duty.
  • I might expect any thing rather than the offering up of his truest friend.
  • One might expect as good a game from the tumbler's dog.
  • By the way you don't seem as depressed as one might expect.
  • This anxiety is more common than one might expect, both in men and in women.
  • As one might expect, the position of greatest ease is the decumbent.
  • I was under the illusion that I might expect as much from you.
  • The schoolrooms were not the feature of the Hall that one might expect.
  • Maisie might expect him on the following Friday night and be away.
  • Where I might expect at any moment to be called by my real name?

How To Use Might Expect In A Sentence?

  • The worthy folk should have an idea of what they might expect from their future pastor.
  • Meagre and cold was the sympathy which a transgressor might expect from the assembly at the pond.
  • He might expect to hear the report of a weapon and the crash of glass at any instant.
  • Cheyenne seemed to know just where he would look, and whom he might expect to meet.
  • The junkman pounded and used such language as you might expect from a junkman, but all to no use.
  • These dens are only lit by the doorway, but they are not so dark within as one might expect.
  • Surely they might expect safety from submarines so far inshore, for this coast is treacherous.
  • He was leaving the party, when some one asked how soon they might expect him back?
  • She was able to gratify this hope, and spoke as if we might expect to see him during the day.
  • This, again, is what one might expect from the ancient constitution of a village community.
  • So soon as the crisis was passed, we might expect every sort of ambush on their part.
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