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  • There is a mighty difference between you!
  • I was of mighty use to him as an assistant.
  • They mighty near ended in a fight.
  • It was like the mighty burst of some great thunderstorm.
  • How could he resist the mighty spell of the past?
  • People were mighty surprised to hear you were coming back.
  • The Dey was a mighty man.
  • We're mighty lonesome for her.
  • Anyway, they had left me holding the sack in a mighty poor snipe country.
  • Here lies the mighty difference between A father and a master.
  • Against this mighty invasion the French nation rose as one man.
  • The Muses Welcome to the High and Mighty Prince James &c.
  • Strange and gorgeous Princesses from the East have entered mighty appearances.
  • She'll take mighty pains To be deliver'd of some mighty trifle.
  • The Yanks are there yet," he reported, "but they are keeping mighty quiet.
  • I'se mighty good farmer, yo' knows, Mas'r Ralph.
  • Our Danny is mighty cute and maybe he's only fooling them teachers.

How To Use Mighty In A Sentence?

  • But if the voters are under petticoat government, he has a mighty good chance of his election.
  • It rose at the mouth of the valley like a mighty sentinel guarding the fortress of the hills.
  • So we chummed together; and he seemed a mighty pleasant sort of a cove for a bit.
  • A single mighty breath, and he was up on his feet and fighting; and they choked him down again.
  • The csakany, by the way, is a mighty weapon in the hands of those who know how to use it.
  • A queer old bird he was, drinking himself to death as fast as he could, but mighty good to me.
  • Protected by a hedge of myrtle, in the heart of a mighty forest, Love had fashioned his bower.
  • In distances unending, And all the mighty works of God, Are ever homeward tending.
  • I had something mighty special to communicate to you in that, but you'll never get it now!
  • The corpulent frame of this mighty burgher now gave all the symptoms of a volcanic mountain on the point of an eruption.
  • From behind now arose a mighty tumult, and shouts and cries as of triumph thundered from the city walls.
  • It was a mighty simple transaction, but it produced some startling results for me, that same coin-spinning.
  • When Gray came to himself again he was lying on a bank of green herbage under the shadow of a mighty tree.
  • I was watching her, though for a mighty and thrilling reason, that to describe in any measure is an expectation most like despair.
  • Mac took that pretty hard, and came mighty near making the major eat his words with gunpowder sauce on the side.
  • But Gray looked in vain for the mighty tree he had expected to see, towering up in the midst of the valley.
  • And yet no one pursues these animals; the huntsmen are after a greater, a nobler prey, a stag with mighty antlers.
  • He kissed her tenderly, and there was a lull in his song as he gathered his strength, spread his mighty wings, and took flight.
  • The Admiralty thought they'd be mighty clever, and they insisted upon my keeping my job secret.
  • The taut-stretched halyards beat a tattoo against the masts, and all the rigging, as if smote by some mighty hand, set up a wild thrumming.
  • She had a kind of faith that the Doctor was a mighty conjuror, who, if he would, could bewitch any of them.
  • I spoke of my pleasurable anticipation at being permitted to live through the mighty days ahead of us in Berlin with herself and the Ambassador.
  • I might have seen one, once or twice; but I was walking mighty fast, and had no time to look behind me.

Definition of Mighty

Very strong; possessing might. | Very heavy and powerful. | (colloquial) Very large; hefty.
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