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Definition of Migration

An instance of moving to live in another place for a while. | Seasonal moving for animals, as birds or fishes, to breed or find a new home. | Movement in general.

How To Use Migration In A Sentence?

  • And tens of thousands of storks on their annual migration passed by the same way in vast flocks.
  • But whether they have or had any connection with the migration to the West we cannot establish.
  • The writer was to have meanwhile, before our migration of 1855, a considerable lecturing activity.
  • Westward migration at this time was given an added impetus by the Oregon question.
  • The migration from this point, therefore, was at first a relief to the city rather than a loss.
  • For fourteen years before the final migration he led the Pilgrims at Scrooby and Leyden.
  • In the westward overland migration the Salt Lake Valley Mormons played an important part.
  • The chief of these are the influence of migration and isolation, and the direct influence of the environment.
  • It is estimated that during the height of the overland migration in the spring of 1849 no less than fifty thousand people started out.
  • Prior to the present migration of negroes, there was somewhat greater mobility on the part of the white than on the part of the negro population.
  • The migration from this point to the North reached its height in the winter and spring of 1916 and 1917.
  • Yeardley's instructions reaffirmed the company's promise of a headright in terms inviting the migration of individual settlers at their own cost.
  • They commenced to leave their old homes soon after the breaking out of the war, but the great migration took place in 1783-1784.
  • Contrary to the popular opinion of the present day, the general trend of Siouan migration has been westward.
  • It is believed by those who should be well informed, that the northward migration of the Rees took place not more than a century ago.
  • Most of the migration in west Florida, however, was rural as there are very few large towns in that section.
  • In 1835 the remainder of them were located just west of the first migration in the northeast part of Indian Territory.
  • In the particular sections of these States where the migration was the heaviest, the one crop system, cotton, was general.
  • They are unquestionably gypsies, and it is probable that many of them accompanied the early migration of Jats and Doms.
  • In the migration of the Pawnees from the south, the Skidi preceded the other bands perhaps by nearly a century.
  • Following the decennial revelation of the census there is a momentary outburst of dismay and apprehension at the manifest trend in the interstate migration of negroes.
  • That was a fortunate circumstance, as their necessities forced them to render an aid to the migration that in better days would probably have been refused.
  • No less important has been the effect of the migration on the southern land tenure and the credit system, the very heart of the trouble in that section.
  • Since in most stream-breeding hylids there is no migration to breeding sites, the breeding call does not function to attract females to the breeding site.
  • Laborers were sought in fields most accessible to the centers of industry, but individual choice as displayed in the extent of voluntary migration carried them everywhere.
  • At one time there was a migration to Oxford from the University of Paris, which had got into trouble with the government.
  • The tradition of the migration of the Pawnees from the southwest is evidently much older than the one which tells of their coming from the southeast.
  • The old scholars rationalised Odin into a chief who had led a migration from Asia to Norway in early times.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Migration | Migration Sentence

  • The epic of this westward migration is almost biblical.
  • The reasons for migration given by negroes were sought.
  • Whose migration still is toward the wintry side.
  • During every migration large numbers of warblers visit us.
  • The migration was from all sections of Florida.
  • A quantitative study of the nocturnal migration Of birds.
  • But the unit of New England migration was the church.
  • The second of these traditions tells of a migration from the southeast.
  • A most striking feature of the northern migration was its individualism.
  • In this type of migration the old order is strangely reversed.
  • What suggested in 1617 the thought of migration to America we do not know.
  • Now set in a larger agitation in favor of migration to New England.

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