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  • D. Miguel escrevesse a tal respeito.
  • Illustrations by Miguel Covarrubias.
  • Check payable to Miguel Martinez will do.
  • With pictures by Miguel Covarrubias.
  • D. Miguel recolheu a Heubach.
  • Cervantes-Saavedra, Miguel de.
  • He considered the itinerary of the magical Miguel Fueyo.
  • Pasamonte, Miguel de, 152, 153.
  • So Louise herself had chosen Miguel to ride the pony.
  • This institution has a church, built by Miguel de Manara.
  • D. Miguel Maria do Patrocinio.
  • Witnesses, Bernabe Cortes and Miguel Godines.
  • Rio de San Miguel is the main channel of the San Joaquin.
  • It was founded by father Fray Miguel de Santa Maria.
  • SEE Menendez, Miguel Angel.
  • Two, Fray Miguel and Fray Leon, are holy men.
  • Tolon, Miguel de, III, 330.
  • These were Fathers Miguel Ponce and Vicente Damian.
  • SEE Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de.
  • Aldama, Miguel de, sketch and portrait, III, 204.
  • SEE Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel De.
  • But Miguel is always playin' for the house.
  • D. Miguel contrahido para matar a fome aos empregados publicos.
  • In this vessel Miguel Rodriguez has been sick more than one week.
  • Don Miguel Manara tells us of the hollowness of existence apart from holiness.
  • He was, in large measure, the force behind the law in San Miguel county.
  • Dom Miguel dut céder, et la reine Marie monta sur le trône en 1834.
  • KU 4269 (91), San Miguel Co., Pecos R., 3 mi.
  • There were the said Francisco Velazquez and Miguel Nunez in one bed.
  • Mais nua ficou ainda desde essa hora a casa solitaria de S. Miguel de Seide.
  • What care I for Miguel Terra, or for the whole race of the Perlerinos?

How To Use Miguel In A Sentence?

  • Don Miguel was a lawyer of much ability, and held important positions in his profession.
  • Thou art no native of Miguel Terra, but some scoffer sent from the devil to tempt me.
  • Dom Miguel put même, comme roi légitime, négocier un emprunt de cinquante millions.
  • Indaguei primeiro quem tinham sido os officiaes da escrivaninha de Miguel de Vasconcellos.
  • D. Miguel para ser cumprimentado por uma dama portugueza, a condessa de Baldaque.
  • They turned occasionally to throw a shot at Miguel and Pars Long, who followed them.
  • The expected opportunity offering we reached the village of San Miguel February 3, 1877.
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