Mildew In A Sentence

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  • There were mould and mildew upon all the wood-work.
  • The core of my heart, the mildew findeth it!
  • There was mildew on the walls and on the boots that stood on the floor.
  • Every spot of mildew on the ancient wall-paper was familiar.
  • No tent should be folded till dry, as it is sure to mildew if put away damp.

How To Use Mildew In A Sentence?

  • Loose specimens of rubber prepared during that decade still exhibit no signs of mildew growth.
  • Once again it had changed hands, and now the must and mildew of litigation had settled upon it.
  • The mildew of suspicion rested on our intercourse, and all its pleasant bloom was blasted.
  • Repeat the process the next day, and in a few hours the mildew will entirely disappear.
  • To remove mildew stains, cover spots with lemon juice and salt and let dry in the sun.
  • It is no pleasure to me to enter this house, and ruin and mildew everything I touch.
  • If you have drained the marshland and reclaimed the house from mildew and mice you have made your neighbors debtors.
  • The alteration hereby effected in the atmosphere of the houses will soon be evidenced by the hygrometer, and mildew and fogging off be kept at a distance.
  • That, shut ever in the years that may mildew or mold you, My fancy shall behold you Fair as in the long ago.
  • This operation may be done too well, in which case the rubber will have a dull appearance, and may be rather more liable to develop surface mildew after a time.

Definition of Mildew

(transitive) To taint with mildew. | (intransitive) To become tainted with mildew. | (phytopathology) A growth of minute powdery or webby fungi, whitish or of different colors, found on various diseased or decaying substances.
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