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  • Woodbury Tavern, milestone at, 351.
  • Pequot Trail, milestone on, 353.
  • That is the first milestone on the Brighton Road.
  • Stratford, Conn., milestone at, 353.
  • New London, Conn., milestone at, 353.
  • Taylor, M. M., milestone of, 351; tavern of, 352.
  • Close by at his feet the milestone marked the last six kilom├Ętres to Brussels.
  • The old fortress of Kuhlhafen stands a milestone on the path of Time.
  • Worcester, Mass., singing at, 173; milestone in, 350-351.
  • Arnold, Peleg, tavern of, 352; roads of, 352; milestone of, 352-353.

How To Use Milestone In A Sentence?

  • It was deemed most advantageous to a tavern to have a milestone in front of it.
  • It was the sort of dinner that one marks with a white milestone on the road of memory.
  • The house with the milestone is shown on page 350 and the milestone alone on page 351.
  • There, readers, there is the next milestone for you, in the History of Mankind!
  • It establishes a milestone marking the progress of a people who first planted civilization in this county a century ago.
  • He stepped forward briskly, and keeping a sharp lookout soon came upon a milestone glimmering white upon one side of the road.
  • The Prince hurried to the town, but Hyacinthia remained behind disguised as a white milestone on the road.
  • Where is he who can, offhand, describe the first milestone on the Brighton Road, and tell where it stands?
  • Vernon dilated upon the importance of this decision; he extolled the court; it had set a white milestone to mark the progressing emancipation of the race.
  • In 1771 a Roman milestone of the time of Hadrian (76-138) was discovered at a spot two miles from Leicester.

Definition of Milestone

To place milestones along (a road, etc.). | To plan out a project as a series of major steps. | A stone milepost (or by extension in other materials), one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals, typically at the side of the road or in a median.
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