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  • Prussian militarism long filled me with abhorrence.
  • On the other hand, militarism is upheld by autocracy.
  • When militarism goes wrong, it goes very wrong.
  • In Germany militarism is a gospel.
  • Modern militarism has no place for Lancelots and Galahads.
  • The spirit of militarism has already permeated all walks of life.
  • But militarism and socialism deliberately make the state absolute.
  • Autocracy is upheld by militarism, and militarism means strife.
  • The curse of militarism may make itself felt even in the school-room.

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  • These theories fell in well with their militarism and their natural cruelty and greediness.
  • The evil of militarism is that it shows most men to be tame and timid and excessively peaceable.
  • For this reason militarism and state-socialism might at any time come to terms.
  • The advocates of militarism tell us that we need a navy to protect our commerce.
  • Military nations are unintelligent nations, and militarism is always brutalizing.
  • There is a close correlation between militarism and agricultural conditions in China.
  • It is a popular fallacy in Germany that militarism makes the greatness of a nation.
  • Sun Yat-sen was a Southerner; militarism reached its sharpest effectiveness in the North.
  • Nor should we forget that it was his scrupulous patriotism which prevented the cropping out of militarism in this country.
  • No autocracy, then, in the League of Nations, no German militarism nor Austrian imperialism in it.
  • Must we extend militarism to the point where it smothers and throttles all other organs of the state machine?
  • The evil of militarism is not that it shows certain men to be fierce and haughty and excessively warlike.
  • Schmitz was still harboring the hatred against militarism and the government, which had been engendered in him by his own experience in the army.
  • It is in connection with this rough estimate of cost per capita that the economic burden of militarism is most appreciable.
  • The rising cost of militarism may be still further illustrated by computing it as a per capita tax on population.
  • One of the Menshevik orators attempted incidentally to represent me as a defender of militarism in general.
  • Are not we Americans the people chosen to lift the burden of militarism from off the backs of our downtrodden brother?
  • How is it that, with their great talents for organization, they have let a shabby third-rate militarism sweep their land in modern times?
  • First, that conscription has created in Europe a deep-seated hatred of militarism among all classes of society.
  • It lost its right leg because nationalists reverted to militarism and its left leg because internationalists turned towards Sovietism.
  • I do not, as I have said, underrate the evils that really do arise from militarism and the military ethic.
  • Certainly the defeat of Germany gave a blow to bureaucratic militarism in Japan which in time will go far.
  • It discloses a confusion of ideas even greater than the antithesis between industrialism and militarism in the writings of Herbert Spencer.
  • The fact is that what attracts Mr. Kipling to militarism is not the idea of courage, but the idea of discipline.
  • In other words, a continuation of the increased demands of militarism threatens each of those nations with a progressive exhaustion both of men and resources.
  • German militarism brooks neither contempt, criticism, nor opposition from German civilians, and much less so from the civilians of another nation.
  • Casting aside the prejudice of ages, modern industrialism flings around the world the economic bonds against which the forces of militarism are powerless.
  • The demonstration of the inherent weakness of corrupt militarism will itself prevent the development of any militarism as complete as that of the Anfus.
  • They teach the proletariat not to believe in itself, but to believe its reflection in the crooked mirror of democracy which has been shattered by the jack-boot of militarism into a thousand fragments.
  • Formalism in this life is one of the means taken to cover up all the details of militarism that are repugnant: the hardship, the lack of freedom and the like.
  • China-wide militarism failed to provide more than an explanation of immediate fact, there were counterparts in the civilian administration aspiring to political autonomy for particular cliques.

Definition of Militarism

An ideology which claims that the military is the foundation of a society's security, and thereby its most important aspect. | A focus on, or excessive use of, military force.
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