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Definition of Milky

Resembling milk in color, consistency, smell, etc.; consisting of milk. | (color science, informal) Of the black in an image, appearing as dark gray rather than black. | (of a drink) Containing (an especially large amount of) milk.

How To Use Milky In A Sentence?

  • Both of them are made of the milky juice of trees, but of entirely different trees.
  • In the morning heavy tropical vapors of milky whiteness stretched over the sky and the earth.
  • That night it stormed and sleet and snow made the outer pyramid a thing of milky glass.
  • The fat is present in little tiny globules which give milk its whitish or milky color.
  • This must be so, even though the group included all the stars in the milky way.
  • The garden of black hellebore and rosemary, Where wild woodruff spills in a milky pool.
  • But we remember that he burns yonder, in the midst of the pale cosmic cloud we term the Milky Way.
  • Stay not to suck, sweet children, do not stay: Cry not; for you shall go the milky way.
  • Our Milky Way, with its millions of stars, represents for us only a portion of the Creation.
  • He had stolen out into the garden, where there was a white vision awaiting him in the milky moonlight.
  • Place the milky grains before the fire which will cook the outside, without destroying any of the juicy substance.
  • This water will not dissolve the ammonia so as to form a transparent liquid; for the result will be a milky liquor.
  • The poisonous manchineel was observed, a drop of whose milky juice will burn the flesh like vitriol.
  • He readily accepted, for her complexion was milky and transparent, and her hair had that glowing copper tint which he loved so much.
  • When incisions are made in the unripe capsules of one of the varieties of the poppy plant, a milky juice exudes which soon thickens.
  • Perhaps the reader knows that Tintoretto in the National Gallery, the Origin of the Milky Way.
  • The red mulberry grows to be a large dense, round-headed tree, with thick fibrous roots and milky sap.
  • The atmosphere was pervaded by a light fog of milky hue, which hid the distant forests from sight, while a smell or burning filled the air.
  • There are two descriptions, juice milky and juice watery; he will choose the second one, which is followed by the number 3.
  • The whole, or practically the whole, of the latex may have coagulated, forming one mass of rubber with a milky residual serum.
  • The glass reveals to us the fact that the star-dust which we call the Milky Way is an aggregation of innumerable single suns.
  • Once she flung the milk-pitcher at my head, and when it hit and broke, it seemed to add some to the Milky Way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Milky | Milky Sentence

  • There was a white moon in a milky sky.
  • Why does lime-water become milky when you breathe into it?
  • Lactescent: secreting or yielding a milky fluid.
  • Lacteal: relating to milk; milky in appearance.
  • Everyone has noticed the Milky Way.
  • What fables sway the Milky Way?
  • He may here mean the Milky Way as part of this band.
  • A faint silvery vapor stood for the Milky Way.
  • Our Sun is a star of the Milky Way.
  • She unwound them and they dripped from her hand in milky whiteness.
  • The next morning opened dry and pleasant, but with a milky and foreboding sky.
  • Naturally, if a milky serum is always obtained, the reverse is the case.
  • A long ditch was dug, revealing milky quartz, ochres and clay.
  • What if heaven's way thrice, four times, milky seems?
  • The thin, cool liquid, slightly milky and effervescent, bubbled to the brim.
  • There are 18,000,000 stars in the zone called the Milky Way.
  • What does his Excellency Goethe say About the white and shining milky way?
  • It is the Galaxy, the Milky Way, composed of millions on millions of suns!...

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