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  • For there was nothing about mills or millers in it.
  • I worked for the Millers about 11 months.
  • The Thoms lost very heavily by the Millers also.
  • The MILLERS are at Battersea.
  • Ida Mary and I were invited by the Millers for a house party.
  • Old Joe Millers are not unlike cloth made out of devil's dust.

How To Use Millers In A Sentence?

  • They were rich and noble; and now it was fair to give the other millers in the land a chance.
  • He did the same at a fourth mill, so that the boy concluded that all millers are beardless men.
  • That means a very small crop of western hard, and millers paying our own prices.
  • The Millers were counted a little above the average westerner in their method of living.
  • And all the other millers in the land were so jealous that they could not sleep o' nights.
  • Second, the licensing of all store handlers and millers of wheat and controlling them both through voluntary agreements and license regulations.
  • He then offered to buy the entire wheat crop at a fair price and agreed with the millers to take flour at a fair advance on the price of wheat.
  • He sat discouraged, his pinions drooping, and stared gloomily at some gyrating millers about the electric bulb over his desk.
  • I was going to hold it myself, because I can occasionally get a little more from one or two millers who like that special grade.
  • His breakfast, it is said, he uniformly makes of fruit; his other two meals of unground wheat; patronizing neither millers nor cooks.
  • Why not get her father to do as well by her as the Millers would by Henry, or to do better, seeing he was the richer and had but two children?
  • Then, when he wanted meal, his machinists had only to replace the machinery in some disabled mill, and remove it again after his millers had done the necessary grinding.
  • The song of the night insects throbs without, and millers hurl themselves with soft thuds against the windows; an owl mutters to himself in the maple tree.
  • Very many do not recognize these moths in their perfect stage, so small are they, and vent their wrath on those great millers that fly around lamps in warm summer evenings.

Definition of Millers

plural of miller
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