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  • It is 1 millimeter seen at a distance of 206 meters.
  • Wide tube, draw tube with millimeter scale.
  • This bone is 2.3 millimeters long and 0.8 millimeter wide.
  • One millimeter seen at a distance of 20 m. 62 = 10 secs.
  • A platinum wire is employed, 1/100 of a millimeter in diameter.

How To Use Millimeter In A Sentence?

  • This bone is 0.7 millimeter wide, and extends 0.6 millimeter into the parietal.
  • Of the 155 millimeter howitzers none of American manufacture reached the front.
  • Drawings were made on millimeter ruled paper while the baculum was viewed under a binocular microscope with a square ruled eyepiece.
  • In each of our two specimens there is no sagittal crest but instead a low ridge one millimeter wide which marks the space between the margins of the two temporal muscles.
  • A millimeter scale and a vernier serve to indicate the degrees of the various motions, so that vertical motion of the microscope tube to the extent of 1/10 mm may be accomplished.
  • Those eggs are quite small, about a millimeter in length and about two-tenths of a millimeter in width, but the next slide will show you that what they normally do is to put them inside that puncture in groups.

Definition of Millimeter

(American spelling) An SI/MKS unit of measure, the length of 1/1000 of a meter. Symbol: mm
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