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  • There were forty millions of them.
  • Millions of lives for millions of shells.
  • Values tumbled by the millions of marks.
  • You have millions and millions of subjects.
  • Millions of years have gone over the world.
  • The millions of headaches he has saved!
  • Slit the throats of your millions of enemies.
  • Millions of them are bred in these great solitudes.
  • Millions of shells for millions of dollars.
  • Millions of men are in camp and on warships.
  • There seemed to be millions of books.
  • Think of the millions of poor people.
  • Millions of married couples live on less than that.
  • The three millions of slaves do not vote.
  • Baptism saves millions of souls from hell.
  • Several millions of dollars are in the treasury ruins.
  • And whatever it was, there were millions of it.
  • The air vibrates with millions of voices.
  • We printed and distributed millions of recipes.
  • It has voted millions of dollars for pensions.
  • What you were several millions of years ago.
  • Millions and millions of miles broad and deep!
  • In our brain are millions of tiny cells.
  • It is nine hundred millions of dollars!
  • Phalansteries are repugnant to millions of human beings.
  • Nine hundred and odd millions of mortals!
  • Of course there are, millions of them.
  • I lost not one among the millions of footfalls.
  • God has blessed my writings to millions of the human race!
  • Millions of red-hot stones were shot into the sky.
  • Four hundred millions of our race are opium-eaters.
  • For the franking of seven millions of free letters.
  • This leaves two millions of children uninstructed.
  • You said it was worth millions and millions of dollars.
  • And behind them come millions of delightful babies.

How To Use Millions Of In A Sentence?

  • Its cost was from ten to fifteen millions of dollars.
  • There's millions of 'em.
  • Only half a dozen theatres for three millions of people!
  • It is now but thirty-five millions of miles away from us.
  • His little idea has saved the world millions of dollars.
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