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  • Pour over the mincemeat and mix thoroughly.
  • And your dogs all but made mincemeat of him.
  • Use one and one-half pounds of mincemeat to fill.

How To Use Mincemeat In A Sentence?

  • Turn the mincemeat into little jars, cover tightly, and keep in a dry and cool place.
  • The latter is cut into mincemeat in a moment amid the horrifying cries of his infamous executioners.
  • Fruit juices or a couple tablespoonfuls of tart jelly or preserved fruit may be added to mincemeat with advantage.
  • Now hard as brick, the thickening of this mincemeat was originally a paste of fine clay steeped in the liquor of corruption.
  • If they hadn't been there with their enormous mass to react against we'd all have been mincemeat now along with the Llotta.
  • Make the batter, fry the pancakes, and place a spoonful of mincemeat on each pancake, fold them up, and serve with sifted sugar.
  • When storing mincemeat either in crocks or in jars, cover with salad oil, about one-quarter inch deep, to exclude air.
  • Critics had carved him in his time; but the fine mincemeat which this pretty stranger was making of him promised to leave nothing more either to carve or to roast.
  • Miss Boothby was very good from the back of the court and Mr. Prebble seemed to make mincemeat of my returns.

Definition of Mincemeat

A mixture of fruit, spices and sugar used as a filling for mince pies. | (rare) Minced meat, mince. | (by analogy) A badly cut-up body or parts of a body.
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